Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Just Writing

When I first started this blog, way back when, my life seemed small and manageable. I was busy, sure, but busy with small things. Busy with one child and one infant, busy with a small house and a postage stamp yard, busy with a few good friends and family only a few hours away. Our life was quiet, orderly, predictable, malleable.

I must admit the possibility that at the time it did not feel this way, it's perhaps just the looking back that makes it seem so.

Back then I had time to write. I wrote, I read, I commented. I also crafted, baked, gardened, taught, babysat and other things.

Today, I feel like my life has gotten BIGBIG. There's a pre-teen, a child and a toddler in my house now. They are busy. They are loud. They each have a life of their own. There are five lives in my house now. My big house, my big yard, my big van. Our trees are big, too-- and now there are four trees, instead of two. And then there's a pool...

Even our city is big. Our friends are here, there, across-over-there and our family is farfar away.

I feel a bit stretched out. A bit thin.

"Like butter spread over too much bread."

Now all my time is taken up in just being. Getting from here to there. Feed, clean up. Feed, clean up. Laundry.

I miss blogging. It was my chance to make a little mark on the world. Something that would still be here, just like this, in the morning. Not used up, not dirty-again-already, not eaten. I need that back again.

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Hosanna said...

I miss your blogging.

Susannah Forshey said...

DOn't worry. Things will calm again. You will have less and less "say" over the lives in your house....then they will leave, one by one, and you will have soooo much time to comment, write, and blog. This is just a Season. You should embrace it, and cherish each moment. The infant becomes the pre-teen becomes the bride-to-soon-be-gone very quickly. Your 40's and 50's will be so full of "free time" you will hate writing!

ElizabethSheryl said...

I can imagine life can take over with all that you have to watch over. Also, when we make demands on ourselves to write it becomes less fun and now an obligation and we have enough of those! If you want, make it YOUR time and it probably will be easier to sit down and write. :)