Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Just Writing

Some mornings I feel like I would sell my soul for another hour of sleep. But the children always wake with boundless energy and they drag my weary soul, reluctantly, grouchily, out into the light of their wide-eyed love for life. There is no defense against the joy of two boys playing with a plastic walrus in the shower. Their bow-legged, sway-backed, pot-bellied selves make me smile through the haze of a 5:00 wake-up call. They have only one volume setting and it's Last Trumpet loud

Jamie is learning animal sounds, but right now everything growls. Lions, dogs, kitties, pigs, walruses...


He also eats soap.

And now we've run out of hot water and so my precious few minutes to blog and think and re-group and try to catch up with my life is done. My main goal is to feed, clothe, protect and love. Anything else I get done is a bonus.

We're doing good! it's my third week linking in with The Extraordinary Ordinary and Heather's Just Write project.


Hosanna said...

Comment testing 1-2-3...... :)

April said...

Yep, anything extra is just a bonus. 5am. Wow. I feel like such a slacker mom. We sleep until nine and still I want more sleep. Though we're all night owls round here, too. Maybe we need to head west a few time zones.