Tuesday, November 22, 2011

The Real Thing

I'm sitting here trying to wrap up an emotional, moving post I started last night about how thankful I am for my beautiful children and how our years of infertility have intensified my appreciation of the small things (like Jamie and Judah wrestling on the floor in the before-breakfast mornings), but Jamie is circling my feet, whining and screeching. He wants my oatmeal; I'm blogging while I eat breakfast because multi-tasking: it's a mommy's best friend. Also, because I feel less guilty about writing when the boys want me if I'm also eating-- which, you know, is one of those necessary luxuries to which I treat myself. Occasionally.

So. Emotional post, wrapping up, Jamie screeching for oatmeal. I pick him up to my lap, desperately pecking the keyboard with one hand while I try to fend him off my oatmeal with the other. Disatisfied with my continued lack of attention to him, he pitches his binky right. into. my. coffee.


The emotional, moving post about how much I love my children is filed in the drafts folder to finish "Later" so I can go clean up my coffee and actually Love My Children. Right now I'm writing while locked in the bathroom (one of the few doors Jamie hasn't figured out how to open yet) and the boys are taking turns banging on the door and screeching (Jamie) and complaining about a bumped head (Judah), and my back is starting to hurt from bending over the counter at an awkward angle to type.

And so another day begins.

I'm linking up for another morning of "Just Write" with Heather at the EO.


Hosanna said...

Oh man. When I go in the bathroom and shut the door, my dog sits out there and whines.
When I go into a horse stall and shut the door, he sits there and whines.
When I go upstairs (he's not allowed up there) he sits at the foot of the stairs and whines.
I kind of feel your pain!

Dwija {House Unseen} said...

How can a post about typing in the bathroom be so good? Thank you for de lurking yourself. I'm so happy to know you better :)

Jenn and Casey said...

Love this. Look forward to reading more :) Your kids are lucky to have you loving them :)

Mrs. F said...

It slmost seems like infertility can be such a gift once you have the children because your love is deeper and you don't take your kids for granted. I have a SIL that locks her 2 yr old up in his room and has him watch movies all day while she text messages her friends duringt the day. I can't imaging doing that to a precious child. What a wonderful mother you are!