Monday, August 20, 2007

Laughing a lot these days...

Judah is laughing now! Cute as can be. So, question.... is the first laugh really the best? Zeke Trainum and I disagree. He says each laugh is just as precious as the first, but I say the first stands above the rest--which are equal. Thought, anyone?

Sofi is making us laugh :) Her newest adventures in language are to describe things as "bizarre" and to complain that she has "a serious headache". We are getting really excited about school starting up soon. I've been exploring plans for our first year of semi-formal home-school. Sofi spent the past year learning some of the basics of phonics and has made us very proud (as well as provide more opportunity for laughter--albeit, behind her back) by really taking off in the writing department. She loves to bring me "lists" of things she's written. Here's an example:


That last one made the list after we discussed the breaking of all but one of my coasters on the living room coffee table. The lists always seem to contain totally random and seemingly unrelated items, but then, who can fathom the mind of a child. Here are some more fun examples of the mind of a child:

Here are some links that I found in my home-school research and thought some of you might be interested in. Some free curriculum downloads and other miscellaneous stuff.

And last, but not least, here's a link to a vid of Judah talking and bouncing around in his johnny jumper:

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Denise said...

I loved Sofi's writing skills.... especially the peanut butter thing. And Judah laughing - how fun!