Sunday, August 26, 2007

Well, it's been HOT here lately. Alternating between temps in the upper 90's and severe thunderstorms. Last night we even lost power for about two hours. Not fun. Especially at the end of that particular day. Some evil fairy exchanged my easy-going, even-tempered, wonderful-sleeper son for a changeling child with an endurance for sleepLESSness that far outpaces my own. I don't do very well when my children don't sleep. The more cranky and bad-tempered they get, the more cross and stressed out I get. Poor Sofi and Jeremiah had to put up with both of us. And to top it off, we were supposed to go out with friends for dinner. Since power was out all over downtown, and Judah had still not succumbed to sleep by 6:00 in the evening, we had them over to our house for takeout. Turns out the Lord orchestrated the whole thing, I'm sure. Had a great relaxing time (yes, he did finally pass out from exhaustion) getting to know one of Jeremiah's fellow teachers and his brand-new wife. So today the naps are going a bit better--although right now he's in his bed talking to himself and refusing to sleep again. At least we managed one solid two hour nap this morning. That is a definite improvement over yesterday. And he was happy enough to get a good 3- month photo shoot in! Enjoy!

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