Tuesday, April 1, 2008


I really need a new post up here, but nothing of note is going on, I don't even have any interesting thoughts! Well, I have them, but just not at a time when I can blog about it and then, nursing mother that I am, by the time I get around to posting-- I've forgotten everything!

Some thoughts on my mind recently:

Thanks, Mom, for laying the groundwork of a Biblical understanding of a wife's role in the marriage. I know you think of yourself as not being a good example of that, but you did plant the ideas in our heads, so that when we read/hear/see further admonition/instruction in that area, it is something we can embrace! So many women have a hard time even hearing (let alone embracing) the doctrine of Biblical submission. It's kind of sad that our society has done this.... Hopefully future generations will reverse this trend.

Springtime in the Shenandoah Valley is quite flirtatious and needs to learn some lessons in constancy and faithfulness-- fulfillment of promise. Yesterday was rainy and cold, today was 75 degrees and tomorrow the highs will be in the 50's!! Ridiculous. No wonder Sofi's sick again.

The more I hear about other people's husbands, the more grateful I am to the Lord for my own. Not so much because other women have horrible husbands, just that mine is so well-suited to me!! :)

People should not have to turn 29. It's too close to 30 for comfort, but not close enough to get sympathy. All the 20-somethings look askance at you, thinking to themselves, "Wow, she's almost 30!" and all the 30-something people pooh-pooh your grey hairs and top your stories of memory loss, sagging bustlines and low energy, mercilessly!

Oh my gosh, in no time at all, she's going to be leaving me for college and a MAN.... depressing....

P.S. I really do have grey hair, I'll show you sometime.

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