Friday, April 18, 2008

Oh ye of little faith...

... you know who you are!

The New Look:

The super-cool thing about this haircut is that this is how it looks after an entire day of gardening in the sun! Haha! At last, the truely "low-maintenance hairstyle". On the down side, the side part bangs make my crooked face really noticeable. Bet you never knew I had such a lopsided face.... (just say you didn't, to make me feel better).

Proof (albeit somewhat grainy proof-- no scanner available) that the New Look is really an old look.

Age 17

Age 20 (aprox)

And I still had 'em at my wedding and up until Sofi was weaned. I cannot at the moment find pics of this, though... You'll have to take it on faith :)


Rachel said...

Yep, I mostly remember you with bangs while we were growing up. Glad they're back, I like them! : )

Matt and Laurie Beardsley said...

hmmmm, so since I knew you before sofi was weaned, I should remember this right??

They look great!! :-)

Anonymous said...

Hi...its Faith!
It still looks great! I hope youre enjoying it!!!