Monday, October 27, 2008

A little dry...

My blog has been suffering lately. I've been pouring my creative energy into Sofi's school and whatever's left over goes into posts at Inspired Bliss and all the political discussions on Susi's, J's and Chris' blogs. I don't seem to have enough quiet, contemplative time to do all that and this blog, too-- something is going to suffer. Well, I've got four posts queued up at IB, so I think I'll be able to get back to this blog this week. And I'm really trying to not get too involved in the political stuff. It's really not good for my blood pressure.

I've been mentally percolating some posts... but unfortunately, I seem to do my best composing in the shower these days and I can't take the laptop in with me. I think maybe it's the heat and steam combining to thaw out my creative juices and get them flowing. But regardless. It's a sad situation. Here are some ideas that are hiding in the recesses of my brain, too timid to come out and be written so far.

1) A post about Mommy guilt-- how we all have it and what to do about it

2) Thoughts on how fast Sofi is growing up. A perennial subject on this blog.

3) Thoughts about teen novels that deal with very adult issues. Are we trying to get our kids to grow up too fast? Or do they really need to address the issue of suicide in sixth grade?

4) My WFMW post this week is (hopefully, if I ever get it finished) about infant massage.

...and probably some other random stuff I can't remember right now.

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