Friday, October 10, 2008

Moms for Modesty

Sofi is six this year. Six years old (but in a size 8) which apparently is the new 35. The new slightly racey 35. Or, if you will pardon a glimpse of my southern roots, Fast. Or maybe, Trashy. So six is the new, Fast, Trashy 35. See?

Seriously, would you put your six-year-old in any of the above? It's really troubling to me. Sofi is still just a child. I don't want her dressing in such a revealing/sassy way even when she is a teenager, much less now. But what are we to do? This is what the T@rgets and W@lmarts of the world have for those unfortunates who wear a size 8 at age six. Or any age under 30.

It didn't use to be much of an issue. I had time to sew and made most of her clothing. Plus, until this year, she was in children's sizes where the styles are a little more reasonable. but now school and Judah haev eaten up most of my sewing time and creative energy. So I'm kind of stuck. I've been trying to buy nice things on Ebay from places like Old Navy and The Gap, where classic is still in style (for the most part).

Well, now you can at least make your voice heard. Moms for Modesty is an online petition that allows me to voice my indignation at the trend of girl's fashion in this country. They have a blog where they are gathering on-line "signatures" to a petition about modesty in girl's fashion and dress. I've signed their petition, will you? You can read their mission statement and grab a button for your own blog at their site. And leave me a note to tell me you did, so I know I am not soapboxing in vain here...


Rachel said...

I agree with you! It's terrible some of the styles that are out there for our girls! And what some of the t-shirts say for our boys!
Even with Emma as small as she is, we still steer clear of the short little skirts and some of the styles of clothes. I know it will only get worse the older she gets.
But I really believe, if the girls aren't used to wearing certain clothing when they're young, they will be less likely to go toward those styles as teens.

Herb of Grace said...

Good point, Rach. I totally agree. If I let Sofi wear micro minis and smart-aleck t-shirts now because they're "cute", there's no way she's going to understand if I start forbidding it when she's 14. Glad you brought that up.