Saturday, November 22, 2008

My Superpower

I bet you didn't know I was a super-hero, did you? Well, I didn't either until last Sunday. The day of the great Motrin Mamas Debacle of '08. In a nutshell, Motrin released an ad that was flippantly dismissive of babywearing moms. The internets exploded into mommy-blogger rage-- it was an awesome sight, I tell you, awesome... (you can read the whole story at crunchydomesticgoddess by scrolling through the last five or so posts) By Monday night, Motrin had removed the ad and issued an official apology.

So, I've discovered that my super power is Blogging!! Moms are a huuuuge market share in this country, and when we band together to support something we believe in, people (read; CEOs) sit up and take notice. So I would challenge you to speak out! Blog about what you care about. Don't worry that you don't have a large enough readership to matter. I don't, but I intend to badger some people who do about an issue that's on my heart this week and see what might happen. The days of the empowered consumer are here!

Here's the link to my Issue. A woman in Texas and her husband were arrested and their children removed to foster care after pics of her breastfeeding (and of the children in the bath) were reported to local authorities by Eckerd's photo developing service as "child pornography". The children have yet to be returned to their parents, despite the case being thrown out of court for lack of evidence. The parents and children are being subjected to all kinds of psych evaluation and "group treatment for sexual issues" (did I mention that the kids are one and four??). Dear God, what is this country coming to!!

This totally dwarfs the whole Facebook bans pics of bf-ing thingy. In addition to blogging about it myself and begging bigger bloggers to help too (sounds like a Dr Seuss book...), I'm going to research what else can be done. Ie; letters to congressmen or others in power and I don't know yet what all else. If any of you have any ideas after reading the link, please let me know.

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