Sunday, July 18, 2010

Catching up with some random stuff: Sofi's dance recital

I realized that there are a bunch of photos and vids that I didn't post over the last months of moving and craziness, so I'm going to kind of jam them all into a few posts. This is all mostly for the doting grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins (and the crazy-old Great-Aunt, can't forget her *wicked grin*), although the rest of you are welcome to coo over my brilliant, talented and extremely photogenic children as well.

Sofi's Irish Step Dance Recital:

Please excuse the shaky videography-- pregnant woman on her knees with camera upheld over the heads of other camera-happy parents...

This was Sofi's last recital (of five) with her beloved Miss Cindy. We will miss you, Miss Cindy! There will never be another teacher like you!


Hosanna said...

I didn't know she was doing Irish step dancing! I thought it was just ballet! How cool.

Jenny said...

Well, I KNOW you're not referring to ME as "crazy-old great aunt" cause what would that make you (remember you are catching up with me!)?!?!?
She's darling and how cool that they include Irish dancing in the class! I'd love to see Evie do that! Evie said she really missed Sofi and asked me when we'd see her again and I had to say that it would probably be a while...very sadly.:*(