Saturday, January 1, 2011

2010: The Year of Jamie

2010 has not been a fun year. It's been a year of loss, death, grief, confusion, financial worries, broken cars, physical discomfort and spiritual struggles.

On the flip side, sometime during the first two weeks of Jan, 2010, we found out that Jamie was on his way.


This month marks the end of a year with our sweet surprise. So I will, in faith, lay this year to rest in my memory as The Year of Jamie. He is, in a way, a little symbolic of all the many other things that shook up our cozy little world this year-- unexpected, yet welcomed; painful in his advent, but bringing great joy.


Here is a taste of his sweet spirit; playing a game I've played with each of the kids starting while they're still in utero:

James Oliver Forshey, who made you?

Mama loves you, and Daddy loves you, Sofi loves you, and Judah loves you...



Rebecca Walsh said...

How sweet! He definitely seems to enjoy the game - or he just loves you so much that it doesn't matter what you're saying. :) Either way, that's adorable.

Anonymous said...

I love this post! I feel the same way about 2010.


septembermom said...


Jenny said...

I so can NOT wait to meet him!!! Hopefully this coming summer -- Pop Pop's 100th birthday?!?!?? would be awesome:) miss you guys much:(