Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Just Writing

Sometimes this post is hard to write because I sit down in front of this blank screen and I just can't suck in enough Quiet to see if I have ANY thoughts, much less decipher them into anything Post-like. Even stream-of-conscious style is too structured for me some days. So maybe I'll just pretend to write in my diary-- like middle-school, back in the days when my thoughts were my own and marched along to the tunes in my head all day.

Dear Diary, Today we went to the park. Judah wore his Batman cape and his Green Thing mask because Kate got a pink cape and Supergirl shirt for her birthday and we made her a pink, sparkly mask to match. 

They play together so well these days. It wasn't always like that. There's more talking and less screaming, more playing and less tattling. That's good. Judah still has so much trouble talking. His words get all mixed up somewhere between his brain and his mouth and more often then not a waaaaail comes out, rather than actual Words. He gets frustrated easily with his inability to have an affect on his world-- no one listens to him, no one pays attention, he thinks.

"Use words, Judah. Stop whining and crying and use Words." 

Kate is a picture of independent Girlhood in her pink and superhero and sparkles. Flashing that lopsided smile. They say that asymmetry is attractive in the female face. I read an article that analyzed the features of some A-list celebrities and some of them are down-right CROOKED. Beautiful Kate and her mis-matched front teeth, flitting around the playground like a fairy-sprite-elf-child are a perfect example of that.

 Jamie is so Not-SofiandJudah. It's like starting over again with the whole parenting thing. He and Nicholas were playing on the slide and Nicholas fell over into him and he toppled off the edge of the slide right onto the back of his head. Baby dominoes. Not a game I recommend. I ran and scooped him up as he wailed and clutched his B. But he struggled and shoved me away after about 30 seconds, legs wiggling frantically to be free and off on his own again. Once he decides to give up nursing, I may never see him again. Why do the last babies always grow up the fastest?

Slow down, already. I need to breathe for a minute.

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dearabbyleigh said...

thanks for reading and for writing this. you use your words well, new friend!