Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Just Writing

Older people always say "Enjoy this, enjoy it. It goes by so fast..." and they gaze wistfully off into some fondly remembered past. I try to take it to heart, I really do. But in all the bustle and confusion of temper tantrums and needs and MESS I sometimes forget that someday I, too, will look back wistfully on these days.

And then every once in a while I have a moment...

Our final choir performance was Sunday night. All the anticipation of months of practice and all the thrill and excitement of the Christmas Season all rolled up into one. We sang our way through the annunciation, the angels and the shepherds, the wise men and Baby Jesus in the manger. And then the Junior choir comes up and they sing;

They waited for a king with crown of gold
To save the world as was foretold
A sovereign wise, a ruler bold

But only a baby came...

And as I sat there listening to the voice of my daughter sing out those profound words, with solemn face, perfect pitch and a straight, steady gaze at the audience of over a hundred congregants, I could barely hold back my tears. My little baby girl. She's nine. NINE. How did this happen?

Next year Judah will sing in the Cherub choir for 4-6 year olds. And then before I know it, Sofi will be in the adult choir with me and Judah will be singing with the high-schoolers and it will be Jamie in front of me with perfect poise, no remnant remaining of the toilet-diving, dirt-eating, electric-socket-poking toddler I see before me right now, singing so earnestly,

They waited for a Prince to gain the throne
A Savior sent by God alone
A Lord with kingdom yet unknown

But only a baby came...

And in moments like that I feel myself slowing down, each second an eternity, breathing deeply of the aroma of these days while they are still small. I want to soak it in while I can.

It goes by ohso fast.

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Susannah Forshey said...

Heaven awaits. I believe in it we will be able not only to see with opened eyes those precious moments for what they are, but will be able to visit them and revisit them and gaze on them endlessly. Eternally perfect, eternally preserved, eternally transcended, eternally perfected.