Thursday, December 8, 2011

Teaching him to read.

Judah has always been far more verbal than I expected, being a boy and all. People re-assured me constantly, when he was an infant, not to expect him to talk as early or as fluently as Sofi had, since he was male. But he starting talking even earlier, and he really hasn't stopped since. It's made homeschooling him....interesting. A typical reading lesson, in which we are working our way through a word list of two-syllable words;


Judah: "Cah-mmm-eh--t. Comet. Whassa comet, Mama?"

Me: *explain*

Judah:  "I know what a shooting star is. There's a shooting star in Kipper, Mama. It's the episode where Kipper sees dat dragon. Remember dat, Mama?"

Me: *re-focus*


Every word has to be explained and discussed, definitions given and examples created. In addition, we occasionally  run across a problem with his accent.


Judah: "Pp-UH-pp--EH--t. Puh-pEHt. Mama, wassa puh-pEH-t?"

Me: *explain*

Judah: "Oooooh! PuppIT. Puppit. Hahaha. PuppIT, puppEHt."

And then he'll get obsessed with the different vowel sounds and go on "PuppIT, puppEHt"--ing for quite some time. Also, "HusbAAnd, husbIIInd. HusbAAnd, husbIIIInd. HusbAAAAnd, husbIIInd....(etc.)"

And of course, in addition to all that, he's definitely a boy, despite his linguistic... uh... skills, so there are plenty of interruptions for noises, dramatizations and questions. Today's lessons came to an abrupt halt with:


Judah: "Vvv... AH...M... it. Vomit. Whassat, Mama?"

Me: *explain*

Judah: falls all over the couch, clutching his throat with one hand, while the other hand mimes vomit flowing from his mouth in copious rivers down the couch, all the while making the most graphic gagging sounds imaginable.

Me: may or may not have given up in gales of helpless laughter.


Polly said...

Ah this little guy brightens up my day! Trudging through Grudem's Systematic Theology and marveling at how Man is God's Image-Bearer, it is so refreshing (and it confirms Grudem!) to read of another precious Manchild is exhibiting these many characteristics of his Maker--creativity, sense of humour, intelligence, movement, relationship, memory . . . What an awesome creation God has made! Thanks for posting all these fun things recently. I hope you're enjoying the Christmas season and I miss you guys!
Love ya.

Crystal Graydon said...

Hey, in spite of his hilarious antics, at least he can hear AND pronounce different vowel sounds! That's really good! :)