Saturday, February 7, 2009

I tell you what folks. We don't have a ton of money 'round here. But I'll tell you something else, we make do. Actually, I'll see you 'make do' and raise you. We do really well. Especially compared to the majority of people in this sick and sinful world. And tonight I am feeling especially thankful for a trivial and somewhat trite blessing in my life.

Rugged Wearhouse.

In particular, a suhweet arrangement between the ultimate in classy lady's clothing and my local RW that ensures that each season the Entire Season Line of the previous year (well, I'm sure there a few exceptions) is available for me. To Purchase. At Absurdly Low Prices. I'm pretty sure God set this up just for me.

I have this weakness for pretty clothes. Always have. But I've also always had this competing cumpulsion to Not Spend Money. See the dilemma? And when I say "pretty clothes", I'm talking about stuff that's usually priced well above knock-your-socks-off. So I pretty much just go with Goodwill, or the consignment store and the occassional Walmart season clearance. Or I should say "went". But since we moved to H-burg, seven years ago, I have been living in the proverbial clover. Shopping Clover. I straight up love this place.

For example. A 100% silk, Anne Taylor blouse in antique white, with delicious covered buttons (no longer on their site, or I'd show it to you) on the front and vintage style 3/4 length sleeves-- regular price $65. I paid $0.95. Yep. Totally not kidding. I would not kid about something like this. This is pretty typical to the type of bargains I find there on a regular basis. Another example. A pair of Lord and Taylor sandals, (don't know the regular price on these) $7. I could go on.

And so now the woman who buys brown bananas because they're $0.25 cheaper per pound can wear items like these. Guilt-free!!

Thank you, Lord. I really appreciate it.


Debbie said...

That sounds like my kind of place! I do love a good sale:)

Herb of Grace said...

I know, right? It makes the item that much more enjoyable to know you paid, like 80% off :)

Jenny B said...

that sounds just like goodwill, buying cheap brown bananas, wanting all the clothing i'll never be able to afford, consignment stores....i just don't have a rugged wearhouse anywhere close to me, but i love 'em too.