Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Oh Mercy

We are Sick, peoples of the internets. Sick. Judah's temp was 101, mine hovers between 100 and 102 and Sofi's has soared to 103 and beyond. It is the real deal-- Viral Influenza. With a cherry on top. When I am sick, with temps in the 100s, I am not creative. At All. I will try to put up some pics and video now and then, but you should consider me MIA for a few more days. Pray for us. Especially that J doesn't get this one. Which would be a true miracle, because unlike L, I have not been disinfecting the house as I go along. More power to you , honey, I don't know how you did that...

Here are some places you can go instead, while I sit and quietly and patiently hack up both lungs.


Debbie said...

I am hoping you all will be well soon. There is nothing worse than a house full of sick.

Edith said...

Oh Herb, you poor, poor thing.
Get well soon - all of you.

Edith said...

I have caught your illness! That's internet viruses for you....!