Sunday, March 8, 2009



Judah is outside, walking around the front yard in his socks. He also just dumped his entire bottle of bubbles into my flower beds.

Sofi has taken her pillowcase out of her room and into the bed of J's truck, spread it out and cuddled up on it with her stuffed bunny.

Yesterday, Sofi begged to carry one of the bags of groceries home (we walk to a local shop). Somewhere along the way she set it down, a fact which we did not discover until we arrived home. She had no memory of where, how or why she set it down, or even that she was at some point in the last ten minutes carrying groceries. This is the child that also frequently drives her bike straight into telephone poles. I promise to give you fair warning when she starts to drive so you can move out of the state.

Immediately after discovering that she had done this, I discovered that Judah, it involves diapers and bodily substances in the stroller. Let's just leave it at that. Keep in mind that he's almost potty-trained for poops now and usually asks to go. Not this time. Oh no. We were at the park! No time for pooping on the potty!

I had to change him and then stick them both in the car and drive the three block route back to the store, necks craning out of windows all the way, looking for the lost bag of groceries. We discovered it lying beside the candy vending machines at the front of the store.



Jenny said...

You're lucky that the bag was still there!!! Evie has that "blond" thing going on all the time, too:) I thought she was the only one! But, I'm betting she's a lot worse than Sofi...the child has NO attention span. I realize that that's not abnormal in a toddler, but SERIOUSLY...NONE at all. Not even 10 seconds most of the time. I'm not looking forward to any attempts at homeschooling on my part:P
BTW...I tried to call you tonight and only got the machine...I need to ask you some questions, when's a good time tomorrow to call???

Denise said...

Oh my goodness!!! This is just one of those mommie moments, isn't it?!?! At least you found the groeries... I wonder why on earth they were THERE??? *sarcasm*

Rebecca said...

Too funny!

Debbie said...

It sounds like you managed to keep your cool during all this which is a miracle in itself:)

Herb of Grace said...

Haha. No. No cool was kept. I just selectively edited that part out :) I didn't actually threaten bodily harm, but there was a lot of huffing and puffing and exasperation.

I know, Denise. I was so thankful! Not that it was a ton of stuff-- being light enough for Sofi to carry-- but still!

I don't know, Jenny. I bet Sofi could give Evie a run for her money. She makes Polly look attentive and "with it".

Denise said...

I once lost a bag of groceries in Oxford, since I'd bought my own goodies to cart home to Texas (Britsh tea, scones, shortbread, etc), and yet I still had to help Mom carry her load of groceries. Three miles. Somehow in all the sacks I left one. I was pretty u pset, even though it couldn't have been more than $10 worth of stuff. So Lis, I totally get your wanting to find that bag!