Friday, March 13, 2009

Romance, JJF style

Perhaps those of you married to programmers, computer geeks or just a certain personality type can identify with this tale...

Last night while doing dishes:

me: You should try the lemon tea, you might like it.

J: I'll just have the vanilla.

me: Are you sure? Don't you want to try something new? It's really good.

J: No, I'll just take the lemon.

me: *sigh* Okay.

the sound of dishes clinking in the sink

J: I'm the kind of guy who likes to find a good thing and then stick to it.

me: I know.

pause for more dish washing and counter wiping

J: That's why I married you.

longer pause

J: You're my ***#32, Chef's Special Chicken.

I know I am. And I love it! Wouldn't trade places with anyone :)

***his favorite dish-- the one he orders every time-- for eight years. Every. Single. Time.


Jenny said...

Funny!!! There's an old story of Jeff when he was about 10 years old. His uncle took him to Baskin Robbins 33 FLAVORS and he chose vanilla. That's my hubs, too!
It's in that left brained thing;)

Lauren Valentine said...

That's so sweet...yea J!

Debbie said...

It is hard to argue with that reasoning!

Niecey said...

Aw, sweet.
And yes, I'm married to a computer programmer too. ;)

Herb of Grace said...

Thanks guys, he's a real peach, that's for sure!

Denise said...

This is hilarious. It's the very OPPOSITE of Jonathan. He will order something different every time, wherever we're at, unless he just really loved it and we reeeeally rarely go. He is an adventurer, always wanting to try and see if there's something different and better he likes out there.

It's great, because I'm the play it safe on. He calls it my "Monkey Bites." This name came out of a story whereby we went to Coldstone Ice Cream and I swore I'd order something different than I got every time (which was Monkey Bites). I agonized over the menu at our house, and the 15 minutes to the mall, and the 5 minutes in line. Then, as it came my turn to order, with a dozen people behind me, I couldn't decide and stutter out.."Uh... Monkey Bites!" ha!

If Starbucks hadn't discontinued my favorite drink, I'd have never branched out there either.

Anna Banana said...

Love it! My husband is the same way. :)