Monday, March 30, 2009

Somtimes I think blankies are a bad idea

This week I had to write an email to a friend to explain why I wasn't at her house when I said I would be. The worst thing is, she's a new friend and doesn't know that I do stuff like this all the time, completely unintentionally and without malice. I was very worried that she would think I had singled her out for such rude treatment and shot this email out as soon as I could get to the keyboard. Then I talked to her on the phone and she seemed to understand. I found out later that I never actually sent this email-- it got lost somewhere in my personal cyberspace. But it warrants paraphrasing here for your enjoyment.

M, I am so sorry and so embarrassed to have stood you up like this! I've been remembering and forgetting and remembering and forgetting all day. It's been a long and crazy day topped off by discovering right at bedtime that Judah had left his blanky, without which he will not sleep, at a friend's house earlier in the day. I had to jump in the car immediately and drive out and get it so he would stop sobbing heartbreakingly and go to sleep. I pulled my phone out to call you on the way and let you know I would be late, but then discovered that when Judah was carrying my phone around and sucking on it this afternoon he soaked it with drool and something had shorted out. I had to wait till I got home and got him in bed so I could use J's phone to call. At this point I discovered that J had fallen into exhausted sleep while reading to Sofi and I would have to wait around to put Sofi to bed. By that time it was already almost 8 and I was a bit past frazzled. I am so sorry... (etc. and so forth)

My phone, although the drool dried, did not recover from it's drenching. Jeremiah bought me a new one on Ebay and for the most part refrained from saying anything above a mutter about women and electronics. But for now I am phoneless and bereft. Take pity on me and email instead.

P.S. No, it's not my policy to let Judah carry electronics around in his mouth. I really don't know how he got ahold of it...

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Debbie said...

Now that was a bad mommy day you were having!