Friday, April 30, 2010


Whew. Wow. Gee Whiz. Gosh. What a day! Those of you who follow me on Facebook know that that one showing turned into THREE by the end of the day, keeping us away from home from 11:30 till 7!! What. a. day.

No offers, though :) I have to say, I'm actually not surprised or even really disappointed. I would have been shocked, quite frankly, and a little freaked out if we'd gotten a serious offer that fast.

But this has been a wonderfully encouraging confirmation that the Lord is moving us in this direction. At every turn, He seems to bless this decision. It's a very peace-inducing experience.

If you want to see the listing, here's a link.


septembermom said...

The house looks very nice in the pictures. I'm sure you'll get an offer soon :) Hope you're feeling well too!

Jenny said...

I wouldn't imagine that an offer would be that fast. I know Jeff and I looked and looked and we NEVER would have made a decision on a place after only seeing it once! The true confirmation will come when someone comes a second time to look. Then you know you're in the right ballpark with what people are looking for and what you're asking for it! We'll be praying for you guys! I know how stressful it all is!

Herb of Grace said...

Jenny, I think Scott thought maybe an offer would come just because it was the last day to qualify for the tax credit? That's why I didn't really take it too seriously. But anyways. It was a nice way to start :)