Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The other half of the story

I expect many of you assumed that I'd be back to my regular blogging schedule after the announcement of our new pregnancy. No doubt you've been disappointed. However, perhaps a few of you may have notice that I mentioned that news was only half the story of my blog silence. How brilliant of you :) I am now at liberty to share the other half of the story with you all.

About a week or so before we found out we were pregnant, we got confirmation of something we'd seen coming. The school where J teaches is not able to pay his salary for next year due to low enrollment numbers. Essentially he's been "downsized" out of a job. Sucky economy finally hit the Shen Valley. So there you go.

The last two months have been filled with uncertainty, searching, praying, wondering, waiting, STRESS and not relaxing-into-this-pregnancy. It's been hard.

But on the other hand, God has given me a wonderful gift. I've seen the affirmation from disinterested third parties of what I've known about my husband since I first met him. He is a unique and talented individual, an excellent teacher, a brilliant logician and a scholar. In his job search, after a brief foray into possible computer tech jobs, locally (not successful), he applied to a dozen or so classical schools in the eastern half of the US. Almost ALL of them emailed back with interest in his resume. It's a brilliant resume-- the man's a genius. I should post it some time... Further interviews and research narrowed the field to three schools who all very much wanted him. After flying thither and yon for more in-depth interviews and visits with faculty and staff, we were able this week to decide that we will be joining Geneva School in Winter Park.


We will be leaving behind us the family, friends and memories of nine long and happy years in this lovely city. Nine years in which we married, moved away from home for the first time, gave birth to our two child, lost two others, made dear, dear friends, helped start a church, bought a house, watched our children make their first friends, taught our daughter to read and ride a bike, bought our son his first sword (which may, in retrospect, have been a grave error on our part)... and many other wonderful things.

As we've been researching communities all over the eastern US, we've realized something about our town. There's really no other place quite like it. Despite the occasional drunken college riot ;) The unique blend of academia, suburbia and farm-land-- all in a pint-sized county-- is something we will miss indescribably. I think we will never find another town where three colleges meet and form a decent sized city in the middle of cow country, where you can bike pretty much any place you want to go, where front porches are still used as a "social scene", but the world's only replica of Shakespeare's Blackfriars Theater is only minutes away.

Ooooh, we are going to miss this place.

We are going to miss these people. All of you-- you people who reached out to a new mom who was desperate for company, you people who listened to my ranting about natural birth and decided to give it a shot, you people who entrusted your children to me for a half hour every week so I could pass on a little of the music my parents gave me, you people who prayed us through our losses and made us casseroles and laughed and cried with me over Judah's arrival. The ones we've known for many years-- who watched us grow from college kids to middle-aged parents of two three-- and the new ones we're just beginning to realize how much we like!

It's going to be a rough move. I'm glad I can finally blog about it. It's been bottled up for too long and it feels good to let it out.

P.S. More details will be forthcoming, I promise. Just wanted to get the basics down for now...


Hosanna said...

*Stabs to my heart* Uggggghhhh.... will I have NO girlfriends left near to me? *pouting* ..... but, glad for you. Florida is my childhood home - it is a very different place from VA, I can tell you that. And now I have my excuse for a road trip back "home"......I have been wanting to take Kevin for a visit.

Brooke Chao said...

SAD!! We will really miss you Elisa.

And gosh, I really wish I'd known you better when I was about to have my VBAC with Jade. It would have been nice to have someone cheering me on instead of looking at me like I had a third eye-ball when I told them I was going sans meds (and LOVED it!). LOL

You and the family will be SORELY missed around here, but we pray for all of the best things to happen to you on your journey towards Florida.

2Shaye ♪♫ said...

Wow, such a mixture of sweet and sad. I'm so very happy that your hubby found a new job. That's absolutely wonderful. When things started looking back at the local colleges and universities, I worried that my husband's professorship might be in jeopardy. I've been over this scenario time and time again as I continue to see it happening to friends all around us.

It sounds like our communities and experiences are very similar. I've loved my tiny, very secluded, and fairly low-maintenance community. We're far, far, far away from all family, but this experience has been such a God-send for us. I'm sure one day we'll have to face will very likely happen one day when we least expect it. Just a heads-up that I'll prolly be leaning on you for support when that day comes. :)

Looking forward to hearing about your new many surprises, changes, and blessings all wrapped into one.



Rebecca said...

Wow. I did see this coming in a way, but I certainly hadn't thought it would be Florida. Even though we haven't lived close, now you'll really be far. :( I didn't expect to feel so sad about it!

But, praise God for providing!

Lauren Valentine said...

I'm so sad, but mostly for selfish reasons. I know that you'll find a good community of believers down there and will (I hope) grow to love your new home as you do the burg. But I'll miss you so much. And I'm so sad that Noah and Judah won't be able to play regularly...not to mention Chloe and Baby 3. I'm comforted that Florida is SO much closer than China...and much easier to road trip to. I'm guessing you'll need to prepare for lots of visitors! Love you friend!

Anna Banana said...

Oh goodness, we will miss you. RCS will miss you. Terribly. I'm saddened for our loss, but very very happy that J (who IS awesome) has found a position in these tough times. I wish only the best for you in this transition, but will miss you.

septembermom said...

I'm very happy that your husband found a position. That's wonderful news. I know that all of your friends will miss you so much. I can tell that you are a good friend to all around you. I wish you all the best :)

The Nolls said...

Hi Elisa!
I just saw all of your exciting news and am so happy for you with this new precious one on the way.
Also, we moved from Hburg to Japan to Orlando in the last 3 years and I couldn't agree with this post more. There is something so so so special about harrisonburg and it is still sad to not be there anymore.
As I read today, I said a quick prayer about your house selling/hunting. I trust the Lord will lead you to the perfect home for your family.
Also, I remember you telling me about your home births and wanted to let you know that I have several friends who ADORE a certain midwife around here. I would be happy to send on her information to you if you are looking for care options.

I'm sad for you all that you are leaving the valley, but excited as Orlando really is a great area. Also, we have a ton of friends from church who work at the Geneva school (and my sister in law did as well) and it really is a wonderful wonderful place (which I am sure you already know since, hello, you're moving here for it :). I'm sure the Lord will greatly bless ya'll here.

If there is anything we can do for you from here, please let me know. We'd love to help you move once you arrive this summer...