Monday, April 19, 2010

Two completely unrelated topics

1) When I was pregnant for the first time, while still in college, one of J's good friend's (at the time) girlfriend (now his wife) said to me "You're so cute-- look at you, you're all belly!" At the time I just grinned and didn't think too much of it, but now, pregnant with my third, I finally know EXACTLY what she meant. Some disgustingly lucky women have a cute little pregnant pouchy thing down below their still-slender waists, right up till the last few weeks. My sister, for example. If you've seen her while pregnant, you know what I mean. Me on the other hand? I am "all belly". This basically means that at some point early in the second trimester, my belly begins to consume the rest of my body to the point that at around 28 weeks I begin to resemble a kindergartener's pot bellied, four-limbed representations of the human race. That is why you will never see pregnant pictures of me on this blog.

2) The realtor is coming tomorrow to see the house and talk with us about Price and Marketing and all those other scary things. I am freaking out, people. It's one thing to have friends and family into my perpetually unfinished Project of a house. But having a guy in whose sole purpose and mission is to critique the Market Value of the last five years of my life... That, my friends, is intimidating.

Do any of you have any tips on selling a house? Other than the traditional vanilla on the warm burner or bread/cookies/pie in the oven?


Jenny said...

Get as much stuff out of there as possible before people come and look ... the less "junk" around, the more roomy it looks! Just leave enough to make it look livable (ie like you can fit furniture in it;)). But then, your realtor will tell you that, I'm sure;) OH, and don't sweat it -- God will send the right buyers at the right time!

Rebecca said...

He's not coming to evaluate the last five years of your life, he's coming to look at the house objectively (assuming he's professional). I doubt he cares personally what you did or didn't accomplish in the last five years, and he's not going to judge you! Keep in mind that despite all the memories and Life you've put into this house, it is still just a thing. I know you look at your house and see you all in and through it, but you know you are more than this house, right? :) And who knows what God has in store for you in awesome your new house will be, how much you'll love it, and how many memories you'll put into it.

ViolinMama said...

I wish I did - aside from decluttering.

Praying for you and the baby and your family - I'm so excited for you all, and praying for speedy moves, etc!

Herb of Grace said...

You're so right, Rebecca. But it's hard for me to remember. I really do see so much of Us in this house, since we've done so much "building" here-- minor remodeling,really. And we really have put a lot of our life in the last five years into the house. But it's also true that it's NOT us-- at least not the part that really matters.

Matt and Laurie Beardsley said...

stage it.

oh yeah and be really rich so you can randomly move all of your stuff out of the house , and put in the absolute minimum that is totally unreaslitic for anyone who actually has a husband, kids, interests or a LIFE, so that everyone who comes to look will think about how organized and clean and BetterHomesandGardens the house will look like when they move their (way too much stuff) into the house.

stage it.