Monday, April 5, 2010

Sharing my hunch

Well, the guesses on the post pretty much lined up with my own hunch on this pregnancy. I do indeed suspect we're having another girl :) I have to say that for the first time I don't have a strong preference, though, so if it turns out I'm wrong, I'll be fine with that. With Sofi, I really wanted a boy and with Judah (even though I knew he was a boy) I really wanted another girl! Silly me.

Now, why do I think it's a girl? It's not so much that any particular set of cravings spells "girl" or "boy" in general (although there are plenty of tales about it!), but rather which pregnancy-- girl or boy-- this one seems more like. And it's definitely Sofi's pregnancy all over again, although not quite as intense. That first pregnancy was a DOOZY, people, let me tell you. It's a wonder I ever wanted to have kids again! But that was mainly my own fault for being so darn out of shape. Word to the wise, if any of you out there are thinking about having your first anytime soon, start working out NOW and do yourself a big favor. It makes all the difference in the world.

This pregnancy is very much like Sofi's. I have wicked heartburn, a mild appetite (ate like a horse with Jude) and tend to crave carbs rather than protein. Also, I'm gaining weight like a sumo wrestler! Before I tell you how much I gained with each of the other ones, let me say right off that I lost every pound within a month of weaning (at about 15-18 months for both kids), so no judging! With Judah, a modest 30 lbs. With Sofi FIFTY POUNDS. I have a feeling we're headed down that road again. But this time, I'm in shape (despite what it may look like) and exercising and eating well and am not really worried about the weight gain. Just noticing it and speculating "girl".

There's also some other hormonal things I've noticed which I am suddenly a little embarrassed to share now that I've learned that the entire youth group from my home town is reading this blog! *waves at all the Halifax County youth* Those of you who've had a boy and a girl may know to what I refer...


septembermom said...

That's good advice for first time moms about exercise. I think it helped me feel much better through my first pregnancy. It will be interesting to see if you're right about the girl prediction.

Matt and Laurie Beardsley said...

ehhhh, girls are offense Sofi, Violent, Grace, Lillian, etc, etc.

Too bad you're wrong!!! It's a BOY. boy boy boy!!!!

Hosanna said...

Gee Whiz. Between you and Susi's pregnancy woes, I am almost glad I will not have to endure it. Sounds like pure hell..... and mom always led me to believe people actually enjoyed being pregnant!

Denise said...

Wow Lis... Very interesting! I hope you are right, as I think girl - boy - girl is lovely. Of course, so is girl - boy - boy. I don't care either way, of course, so long as it's healthy. I am excited to hear another birth story (what with yours and Susi's). I love birth stories!

I'm so glad to know someone else kept weight on while nursing, and then it came off. That was very true of my body, although I had the last stubborn few pounds come off when she turned 9 months. Still, I'd love to feel like I have a normal appetite again. Even nursing now, I feel I eat more than I use to and need more.... But I won't let that affect how long I want to nurse (my goal was ~18 months, we'll see).

I guess I had a pretty amazingly perfect pregnancy, aside from this and that. I always figured I was making up for the getting pregnant being hard.

Many prayers for this baby!

Buckeroomama said...

I'm so the other way around in terms of weight gain/loss. With both pregnancies, I gained only 14 pounds. J was 7+ lbs at birth and Z was 6.9 lbs, so I pretty much lost the pregnancy weight in a week! BUT I gained it back when I was breastfeeding... So your comment about losing the weight within a month of weaning --that gives me hope. Z promises me that she will stop having "mommy's milk" when she turns 3 (in a couple of weeks)!