Monday, March 14, 2011

More Coupon Questions

So you coupon-ing queens out there... Here's my grocery list for this week, and it's pretty typical. What types of things do you see that y'all could find coupons for? If this is generally how my list looks from week to week, does it seem like it would be worth my time to research coupon-ing more? Or am I right that the way we eat just doesn't fit well into the whole coupon-ing thing?

baby carrots
cherry tomatoes
spring greens


Dry Goods:
english muffins
white flour
olive oil

Chicken breast

We rarely eat cereals, pasta or crackers. What types of things do you find are good to coupon for? And what stores have the best options for those "cash-buck" type deals?


Hosanna said...

Sometimes I use a coupon for coffee (Like Maxwell House; not the fancy gourmet kind), or olive oil.... the coupons that come in the paper. I don't know about going on line for them or anything. There aren't coupons for produce, are there? Except for maybe bagged salad greens or something.......

Jenny said...

IF you use Costco, you can sometimes save some money on things like Olive oil, chicken breast, other meats, etc. Their stuff is quality for the most part:) And if you have the Executive membership, it ends up being free at the end of the year!

Herb of Grace said...

I do get my olive oil at Costco, but not meat. There's a store here that has weekly specials in their butcher shop and we just eat whatever's on sale that week.

Rebecca Walsh said...

You could find coupons for rice, English muffins and coffee, definitely coffee. I try to never buy coffee unless I have a coupon, or at least unless it's on sale. I think a lot of the other stuff you won't find coupons for, but the difference could be in store sales, like with produce and meats/cheeses. Do you check the stores' fliers as well as coupons?

Denise said...

Based on you list, you could get coupons for these:

chicken breasts (brand name - may or may not be cheaper than store-brand)
ground beef (ditto)
bacon (ditto)

Eggs (may or may not be cheaper than store-brand)
Milk (watch for catalinas with things like "Buy 1 gallon each week, get the 4th gallon free" I know Food Lion does that)

English Muffins
Olive Oil

Tomatoes (boxed)
spring greens (bagged)

That said, this is not how I coupon. It's too hard and the savings too lean.

What I have been doing the last 3 weeks has been ONLY couponing by following one blog and getting items that are steals. They are grocery items or cleaning supplies, personal care (toothbrush/paste, shampoo, etc). Basically, "Stocking the Pantry." Shopping that way will allow my pantry/freezer to be full of items that will be used and not needed to be replenished for a few months.

One thing I have learned is that some stores have coupons in their weekly circular, to make deals even sweeter. Like ours had a "Buy 4 items, Save $4" and it was things like mushrooms, grape tomatoes, spring greens. Each 1.50. Good deal IMO.

Each family buys differently. I find I buy berries and greens at Sam's Club, because they're cheap and in the quantities we use. But there aren't coupons for those. I also found that it's also almost always cheaper to buy spring greens and mushrooms by the pound rather than pre-packaged.

I am wanting to write a blog about my coupon journey. I just wanted one more week so I have a month under my belt!!! :)

Herb of Grace said...

Okay! Wow, Denise, that's awesome! I can't wait to read your blog post about it! What blog do you follow, if you don't mind my asking?

Denise said...

The only one I follow is The Frugal Find. Mostly because she's so organized and posts for quite a few stores. For me, Safeway (which is Vons for us) and Target (which I use for the cleaners/personal items). I also LOVE that she links to many online coupons, as I just can't CLIP right now.

I was gonna post that there's a produce/berries coupon available. Not that you have to use it, but just as an example that there ARE produce coupons out there, just not for the "bag it yourself" items.