Sunday, March 13, 2011

Red Beans, Fried Cabbage

Here's the basic recipe I started with for my Red Beans and Rice. I stick fairly closely with it, but we don't eat celery, so I'm not going to buy a whole bunch just to chop one stalk for one recipe, so, nix the celery. Kielbasa was on sale this week, so we subbed that in for the smoked turkey sausage. I'll probably skip the green pepper, unless I just happen to have some leftover-- the kids pick it out of their dishes (one of the few things we don't make them eat), so again, not worth putting in to start with. I'll do a little research on Cajun seasonings and pull together what I have in my spice cabinet to approximate that taste the best I can.

I think this is my mom's fried cabbage recipe, but I'm not actually sure where I learned it...

Fried Cabbage:

1 head Cabbage, sliced thin (not chopped, just sliced)
onion to taste (I use 1/2 a med sweet onion)
celery seed
dill seed

Heat the butter till sizzling, but not brown. Add onions, cook through. Add cabbage all at once, add seasonings to taste. Stir frequently, cook until tender crisp. DO NOT OVER COOK. The key to good fried cabbage is to still have some crunch to the cabbage when you serve it. Keep in mind, it'll keep cooking inside right up till you're eating it, so... Under-done is better than over-done.


Jenny said...

Have you ever tried Teriyaki cabbage? its yummy:)

Denise said...

What does celery seed taste like?

Herb of Grace said...

Hmmm, that's a tough one to describe... I'd say a little nutty, a little tangy? It really doesn't taste (to me, anyway) at all like celery.