Thursday, April 23, 2009

Birth plans

In the same vein as an earlier post, here are some links to take a look at some birth plans that I recommend. Birth plans are an excellent way to help you communicate your wishes to your care providers. A birth plan can be helpful even if you are planning a home or birth center birth. I had a birth plan of sorts with both of my water births, although we never went as far as writing it up in a formal manner. Remember, if you are birthing in a facility, your birth plan is not a legal document guaranteeing you certain things, but it does help you and your birth support team (husband, friends, etc) when interacting with your care providers.

A site to help you build a birth plan

A friend's birth plan-- concise and comprehensive

The birth plan of a favorite blogger of mine; also simple and short

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Niecey said...

Absolutely. A birth plan is a fantastic idea.