Tuesday, April 28, 2009


If you had asked me several weeks ago if I was one of those shoe-obsessed women we read about in fashion blogs and see videos of their closets on youtube, I'd have replied that while I do wear shoes and try to avoid any major shoe-fashion-faux-pas, I am far from shoe-obsessed.


The other night I finally cleaned out my shoe area (it's not actually a closet, but that's another blog post for another evening) and realized that I may indeed have a shoe fetish. Just a little one. Tiny, really. But possibly quite real, indeed.

Fifteen pairs, not counting the ones I threw out. (Those included one that didn't seem to have a mate. Not sure how that happened.)

From Sofi Ballet 09

Now before you get too vociferous in your objection to this extravagance in the life of the wife of a schoolteacher and a woman who like to fancy herself green and frugal, let me tell you that I didn't pay more than $15 for any of these shoes (except the sneakers) and I wear every pair on a regular basis (that is, as regularly as you can wear one out of fifteen pairs of shoes). Each pair has a special purpose in my wardrobe. It's own personality, if you will. A personality that speaks to a particular mood of mine and enhances and rounds it out, also making it possible for members of my family (if they ever paid that much attention to what shoes I'm wearing, which they don't) to actually judge my metal state by my shoe choices. I will refrain from boring you with a recital of said personalities. For now. If I run into a long spell of nothing to talk about, all bets are off.


Niecey said...

When I'm not barefoot, I wear Dr Martin boots other than summer, when I wear sandals. That's all I need. My husband has like 5 pairs of shoes though. Dr Martin boots, sneakers, work shoes, snow boots, fishing boots.

Rebecca said...

Hm. I happen to think that 15 pairs of shoes isn't that bad, and doesn't come close to a fetish! And I say that not because I myself am shoe obsessed, but because I've known others who truly (sickeningly) are. :)
And I think I have the same pair of black sandals right in the middle of your picture.

Herb of Grace said...

Aren't they great sandals? I wear them aaaalll the time. They're even comfy enough to wear for long walks. I wore them on our last date, walking downtown to the coffee shop.

Niecey, I admire your restraint :)

Denise said...

*grins* I guess I have a shoe fetish... But like you, I rarely pay more than $25 (yes, that's my limit), usually $15. And I have shoes I've owned since before I was married (so over 5 years old). So it counts for something if they are long-ago purchase I've made good use of over the years? For example, how many times can you wear 4.5-inch glitter-silver strappy sandals?? About once or twice a year. So while they serve an extremely important purpose, they last so long since they are not worn often.
Looking at your shoes is fun! It makes me want to get all mine out an take a picture and do a post... Sort of a "peek into my closet" kind-of get-to-know-you post. Because looking at yours, I learn about you.... For example, are the cute 2-ish inch heeled round-toe mary-jane-type shoes in black and white shoes the exact same? Because that would tell me when you find a shoe you love, in a great deal, you will buy it in multiple colors!

Herb of Grace said...

They're not exactly the same. But pretty close. And while I don't know that I'd buy the same shoe in different colors (why limit your options??) I've definitely bought more than my fair share of Mary Janes of the years. Love 'em!! Those white ones are the ones Susi bought me :) You remember this post?


Lauren Valentine said...

Wow, I think I might have 15 pairs of flip flops alone. Most of those are the cheap old navy kind, cause when they're that cheap, why not have a pair in practically every color? So you most definitely do not have a shoe fetish in my mind. I distinctly remember packing for a move when I was younger and counting somewhere between 80-90 pairs of shoes that my mom had. (Yes, she has a problem...you do not!)

Sherry said...

Yes really, that is not bad at all. I was thinking wow, if she thinks that's alot I wouldn't want her to look in my closet. I am not even at home to count mine, but just a mental tally took me over 20! And I have recently cleaned them out too. I also don't consider myself shoe obsessed, and I know other people who are and have WAY more than me, so you don't have to feel so bad about 15. I actually think that's pretty frugal myself. But then again I don't have kids to buy things for yet either, so maybe things change when you do. I was actually just thinking about that yesterday. Would I buy less for myself and my husband when I have kids? Just wondering. Anyway I'm rambling now and better get going...just wanted to chime in that 15 is not excessive, so don't feel bad.
Have a great day!