Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Random things

Can any of you explain to me why the boy who would cheerfully climb into a dark, scary box to be mailed to China is so deathly afraid of a housefly that he'll burst into tears when one lands on his p.b.j. and then spend the rest of the evening frantically asking, "Fuhyii bichew?" in a teary voice and asking "Daddy killim?"

Overheard in the F house this evening:

J: I was going to, but then you made that whiny face, so now the answer is no.

S: Well, that wasn't really a whiny look. It was more a pleading look.


Rebecca said...

I'm sorry...what's "Fuhyii bichew?"

Herb of Grace said...

Sound it out! It's a phonetic spelling of Judah's version of "fly bite you?"

Rebecca said...

Ahh...I was trying to sound it out, but didn't get that the first word is actually supposed to be one syllable, and was pronouncing the i in 'bichew' as short.

Debbie said...

I love that there are different looks:)