Friday, October 2, 2009

Seven VERY quick takes (hurry, hurry! gotta get moving before the kids wake up!)

1. Wow. Breathe. Gulp coffee. Pray the kids sleep a little longer so I can tend to my poor, neglected blog.

2. The last two weeks since getting home from our trip have been a whirlwind. I've felt rushed and stressed every. single. day. Our house is a wreck, I have bulbs that I paid real money for sitting and slowly dying on my kitchen counter, there are babies due any day now that will enter the world smocking-less, because all my patterns and plans have remained in my head and not on the fabric. My ironing pile defies description and the extent of our school fora week has been a math page each day and about fifteen minutes of Latin. I just cannot seem to get my head above water!

3. I've also discovered that I was kidding myself about Facebook. You really cannot have your Facebook and blog it, too. It's one or the other for me, baby, so Facebook? You are dead to me. I will no longer allow myself to heed your siren call of clever updates, amusing banter about spelling mistakes, hourly updates on what the Pregnant Woman is eating today and which political causes who supports.

4. As stressed out as I am, my thoughts are with a certain bride this week, whom, I imagine, is waaay more stressed out than I am. *silently hands bride a glass of wine and pats her on the back* Once this wedding is done (as fun as it will be) I think my life will (maaaaybe) relax back to it's low-pitched hum.

5. There's a slight possibility that I may (maybe) be watching just a wee tad bit too much Project Runway. Yesterday I had to "whip up" a Queen Esther costume for Sofi to wear to Co-op. The first time I tried it on her things did not go well and I heard myself say to my seven-year-old, "That's just a big, hot mess!"
"What's a big, hot mess mean, Mamma?"

Mmmm, yeeeeah. Let me get back to you on that one, sweetie.

6. It is very, very hard to run these days as the shorter days mean I cannot go after J gets home from work at 6. Anyone have suggestions on how to run with a seven-year-old and a two-year-old? A double stroller really isn't going to cut it for me... I tried having her bike, but she's too unsteady and needs too much help from me, so I end up running half the time and scooping her back up onto the bike the other half the time. It's crazy.

7. I had so much trouble with my Photobucket account while on our trip that I've been considering switching to Flikr, instead. Any thoughts from my other bloggy people?

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SuSuseriffic said...

for running. Bring a running friend and trade who stays at park with kids then switch.

Hosanna said...

Yeah. Do it with Su. Oh, and I HATE Photobucket right now. I DREAD having to upload pics on my account.
Back to school is always a hectic time. Things'll get better. And THEN it'll be time for the HOLIDAYS! Yeah!

septembermom said...

I'm a Project Runway addict too! Keep running and have fun :)

Rebecca said...

I'm honored to receive a mention in your blog! (And I'll take that glass of wine!)

Dawn Farias said...

I have less than zero running advice. Yes, that's right, I have negative running advice. Good luck with that.

canningmama said...

Wow, i feel like I could have just written that post myself with only tweaking a few parts. Notice I don't blog very much? Yeah, facebook. Running? Ha! Let me know when you figure it out so I can do it with my 6, 4, and 1 year old! :) I can't even figure out how to do aerobics/yoga in my living with three much less get OUT and exercise regularly. I didn't get your message until after we got back from our trip. We got rained out and came home a day early. We ended up not getting closer to Harrisonburg after all. Went to a local joint for b'fast in Waynesboro, followed by a trip to the Cheese Shop in Stuarts Draft. I LOVE THAT PLACE! Maybe next time! Woulda been fun to hook up!

Jenny said...

1.steal a shopping cart.
2. put as many kids as you can fit in the basket.
3. Push basket as fast as you can up and down the sidewalk as far as you can, running along behind them.
4. Guaranteed to buff up your arm muscles, too!

oh, and good luck with getting your head above water...Christmas is coming, too!!!

Anonymous said...

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