Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Review: A new book by Eileen Goudge

I am so excited! I just got a FREE BOOK! Nothing lights my fire like a new book-- especially one that I don't have to pay for!


Under the recommendation of Robin, a favorite blogger of mine, I joined the blogging community; One to One Network, about six months or so ago. I've received several products to try out and review lately (you'll be hearing more about that in the next few days). Today I'm talking about the newest Eileen Goudge book: Blue Moon. Here's the official synopsis:

Sisters Lindsay and Kerrie Ann have known hardship from an early age. Without guidance from their neglectful mother, their only aid came from an unlikely source, a retired exotic dancer by the name of Miss Honi Love. When the girls’ mother was sent to prison, Miss Honi tried unsuccessfully to save them from being separated and sent into foster care.

Thirty years later, Lindsay is still trying to reconnect with her sister. The owner of a bookstore in the sleepy California seaside town of Blue Moon Bay, she was lucky enough to have been adopted by a loving couple. Unbeknownst to her, Kerrie Ann has suffered a very different life. Bounced from one foster home to the next, she ran away as a teenager before becoming a drug-addicted single mother. Now, newly sober, Kerrie Ann is fighting to regain custody of the little girl who was taken from her.

Neither sister’s expectations are met when they’re finally reunited. But as the two sisters engage in the fiercest battles of their lives, they are at last drawn together despite their differences, restoring belief in the unshakable bond of family

Since y'all all know I'm one of four (make that five now, actually *waves at Mina*) sisters you can imagine that a story about long-lost sisters finding one another would pique my interest. It did, indeed. I was hoping for a quick and easy read-- the chocolate brownie sunday of the book world-- and I was not disappointed. I scarfed it down with milk and some late-night candle burning and will have to repent and burn it off with some serious book reading (like Jane Eyre, or something), but thoroughly enjoyed it in the meantime. I recommend it to my fellow readers as a weekend book-- something to take to... well, I'd say the beach, but it's a little late for that. How about a weekend ski trip? Curl up by the fire under a cozy comforter and enjoy :) Not high literature, for sure, but fun. And tasty.

Warning: there's a bit of "adult content" and some language, so if you're sensitive to that sort of thing, don't say I didn't warn you! I wouldn't give it to Sofi, but I'd pass it on to another mom friend.


Dawn Farias said...

It's not too late for the beach where I live. Almost...

Lauren Valentine said...

Sounds like a good *slightly guilty* I'd like to borrow...but only after I finish reading, and return the other handful of books I've borrowed from you!

canningmama said...

sounds like a good one. i love to read. i rarely GET to read, but i love to read! i just finished one and am in the middle of another now. woo hoo, i usually only average about 1 book a year and now i'm on 3 at least at this point so far this year!!! : )