Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Back. Sort of. For now.

1) A dear friend found out at her 20-week ultrasound that her unborn daughter has some severe and as yet not completely diagnosed heart malformations. My heart is heavy for her on a daily basis.

2) We are not going to China after all, due to some unforeseen issues with the agency with whom we were applying, that arose right before the holidays.

3) J is sending his CV out to half a dozen other places all around the world. Literally. Needless to say, this puts a bit of a kink in the works of any long-term planning for house/school/jobs/extra-curricular activities/etc.

4) I should have know that a post about all my great friendships would come back to bite me in the butt. The less faithless side of me would say that the Lord is testing me in the area of friendships right now-- and pointing out some inconsistencies in my previous theories regarding my role in said relationships.

5) I have once again over-committed myself beyond all reasonableness and am stressed out to the point where I truly believe an ulcer is the inevitable result of my current emotional state.

6) I've developed a senseless addiction to two mindless computer games and spend my days like an addict going from uppers (my commitments and other stresses) to downers (these mindless games) and back again.

8) J will be working two extra jobs this semester. I will be whining a lot on this blog about how hard he's working and I don't ever get to see him and life is not fair. But you should be used to that by now.

9) The economy sucks. This sucky economy means that people no longer find room in their budgets for music lessons for their darling children. This means my studio tightens it's belt another notch every semester. It's not even really a studio any more-- more like a stdo.

(did you see that? did you see how I did that right there? turning "studio" into "stdo" as though the tightening belt squeezed out the 'u' and the 'i'?? see? I haven't comPLETEly lost my sense of humor. there's hope for me yet!)

10) When I don't blog for a long time, Stuff gets a little backed up. I need this space to let my thoughts flow, my emotions get sorted out and my creativity have an outlet. I have missed you, blog. It's good to be back. I promise not to stay so depressed.

I will be joyful.



Lauren Valentine said...

Hey friend, I've missed you...and your blog. Let me know if there's anything I can do to help your stress level. Want to send Judah over for a playdate one day to ease your load? As long as you don't mind that I'll probably be in my pjs all day and that the place will be a mess. Of course a playdate fo rus would be good too...I have lots of tea. Stop by anytime, I'm pretty much always here these days...and I'd love some grown-up company.

Jenny said...

Praying for you! My phoneline is always open, too:) Love YOU!!!

ViolinMama said...

praying for you....always. I'm so sorry about your friend's baby...I'm pregnant too so I know as hard as it can be feared, God is there...

much love!

Hosanna said...

I'm sorry. I hope everything works itself out. I am very sorry about your friend's baby. That is just tragic.
I wish I lived closer so I could commiserate with you in person. Over something chocolate.

Scot and Kristen said...

Hi Lisi!! This is so hard. Trying to pull myself out of a depression by my own bootstraps doesn't always seem to work :( I just went through a difficult/depressing time too. What really helped was talking to some other women who (God bless them!) gave a listening ear. It's funny but as much as I'm close to Scot, sometimes we ladies just can't do without some terrific female friends who know what a woman faces from a woman's perspective. Being overstressed is a HUGE slide to becoming depressed for me.
Go ahead, make that cup of tea, sit down, and give a good friend a call!! You will come out o.k.
Praying for you.

Denise said...

It is good to have you back. I have really missed your thoughts. I am sorry things are hard, and only look harder for the foreseeable future... :(

septembermom said...

I'm sending some joy your way. Hope all works out soon for you. I'm praying for you too.

Buckeroomama said...


Try sending his CV to the schools here in HK. They're always looking for NETs. ...and HK would be a fun experiece. :)