Friday, January 8, 2010

Some Quick Takes with a little more joy

I am by no means a regular participator in this lovely meme, but I thought it might be a good way to balance out Wednesdays depressing post.

1) Thank you so much to all the lovely people who commented/emailed/called me to cheer me up :) I feel so much better. And also a little guilty for getting so low when I have so many things to be thankful for! Which things I will now discuss.

2) Sofi went for her well-child doctor visit this morning. She was given a clean bill of perfect health. She is in the 92nd percentile for both height and weight with a bmi well within the healthy range. Wonderful news for the part of me that worries about our family medical history (diabetes, heart disease and high blood pressure, among many other things).

3) Judah has learned to pee standing up! Hooray! You can laugh, but that really had me worried...

4) We've only had to fill our oil tank once this year, despite all the unusually cold weather! Thank the Lord for our wonderful, warm, cozy and efficient wood stove! And free wood! Thanks, J, Dad and Zeke :)

5) I have finally figured out how to shop at Goodwill. I spent $12 on six items for the kids. It's all about scanning the racks super fast and skimming past all the worn items. You gotta just zoom in on the crisp pleats and fresh fabrics and then you can avoid the endless hours of culling through stained, smelly, wrinkled and torn old rags. I snagged some pretty good deals today. Very encouraging, as Sofi is now in junior sizes and Judah is pushing his 3Ts.

6) I got The most awesome Christmas present Ever this year from Dad. Hopefully I will be able to post pics of it fully installed early next week. Live in anticipation till then....

7) I have chocolate :) And this recipe made me laugh!

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septembermom said...

Sounds like that wood stove does make a difference! Anything to save that oil cost is great. Glad to hear that the kids are doing well too.

Hosanna said...

Oooooooh! I finally stopped laughing long enough to draw breath...... that recipe thing totally cracked me up!!!
Yay for shopping at Goodwill. That is how I do it, too; except in my case, I am zooming in for the vintage finds.
I can't believe Sofi is in Jr. sizes already!! What are you doing about modesty issues there? Jr.s clothes make me think of Miley Cirus and that whole scene - yuk.
Thanks for giving me such a laugh. I needed that. I feel so much better already.
Miss you; wish you were here. Or I was there.