Wednesday, January 13, 2010

*twitch* *shudder* *scratch* *blink rapidly*

You all know by now that I have issues with dirt. Specifically grit and dirt on floors. Matter of fact, just saying the word "grit" makes my left eye twitch. I put up with clutter and the general disorder of daily life with children in a small house fairly philosophically. But dirt, grime and grit on my floors, food leavings on the dining room table and dust on the furniture is my kryptonite. I can't stand it. It really makes me crazy. I'm surprised my vacuum cleaner is still working, with all the mileage I've put on it in the last eight years (weddings present). For instance, today I've vacuumed the entire house twice. I also vacuumed it on Sunday afternoon. And Saturday. See? I'm telling you, it's an unhealthy obsession. Part of the family OCD issues making their appearance, I reckon.

Also. My children are not allowed to play in Mommy and Daddy's bedroom. I have been censured for this. I specifically remember one friend (who shall remain nameless and unashamed) who waxed eloquent over her memories of hours spent cuddled in her parent's large bed, reading and playing with dolls and other toys and romping in childish delight. Uh-uh. Nope. Not my bed. This bed (I'm sitting here in bed with my laptop as I write) is for Other Things. I will not go there at this moment, but I'm sure you can just fill in the blank. This room is my sanctuary. I love my children and accept the fact that for the next fifteen or twenty years our house will be filled with all manner of kid paraphanalia on every stackable surface. BUT! Our bedroom is for OUR stuff. No kid things allowed.

Trust me, I am going somewhere with the above two seemingly completely unrelated paragraphs.

This afternoon, while I was teaching, the children took their snack of crackers (*shudder*) and sesame sticks (*twitch*) into MY BED AND ATE IT THERE.

Also on my bed was a load of clean, but not yet folded laundry.

There were crumbs on the floor. All over the floor. There were crumbs all over the duvet. There were crumbs under the duvet on my cozy fluffy blanket. There were crumbs on the bedside table. There were crumbs ON MY PILLOW!! There were crumbs in my shoes sitting beside the bed. There were crumb-y children covered in crumbs ROLLING AROUND IN THE CLEAN LAUNDRY and making tiger and kitty noises at me when I walked in an hour later.

*hysterical laughter and tears*

Tiger and kitty noises!!!


SuSuseriffic said...

I suspose it was such a novelty to be in your bed..and eat crumbly things that it was bound to happen at some time. Feel free to come and do my floors anytime.

Violetstone said...

I know just how you feel but I did have to laugh. I've found that kids follow you round the house. If I want to work on my computer they all end up in our room, on the bed. I have to let them or they would demand I come and sit with them.

Food is banned upstairs, though this doesn't seem to apply to the 17yr old.

Hosanna said...

I gave up on my floors in November when the boots and the firewood came into the mix.
Crumbs in the bed? I can see how that would be a vexation.

Jenny said...

You have no idea how thrilled my husband would be if I had that particular "family OCD" trait-- unfortunately, in my case at least, it seems to have skipped my generation (though I thought my sister's had it pretty bad, too? Yes?). My only true sanctuary is the bathroom -- of course, that's really only an illusion as Evie generally comes in whenever she feels like it, unless I lock the door, in which case she stands there and either yells at me through it repeatedly or bangs on it or rattles the doorknow until I answer her. Can you say run-on???;)
Oh, and Evie's allowed snuggle time with mama and daddy in our bed, but NEVER any food!!!

Herb of Grace said...

Oh I guess I should clarify. It's not that they're not allowed IN there. They're just not allowed to bring toys and junk in or PLAY in there without us present. We have lots of cuddling-in-bed-time :) Don't feel toooo sorry for them ;)

Violetstone said...

Hi, I found you from mom blogger and then I can't remember. Are you in the yarn diva group? I'm better at crochet than knitting but I recommend learning. I actually learnt to knit because there are some lovely patterns out there that use both knitting and crochet.

Debbie said...

Those kids sure got the best of you! I have a few rules for my room and my kids as well. Why not? They have free reign over the rest of the house.

Beck said...

Hee hee.
I WISH we had established a STAY OUT OF MY ROOM rule right at the beginning. Now my kids have NO boundaries at all. My room = their room, although mercifully enough they never eat their snacks in there.

septembermom said...

I found all sorts of interesting crumbs in my bedroom. I know who the culprits are. They sneak in their all the time. Those little sneaky elves :)