Monday, August 16, 2010

Another House

Avalon Blvd- Photobucket Album

So, this house wouldn't really have been in contention with our previous top choices. BUT. Just as we were leaving-- and after I'd already tossed the camera into the front seat of the Honda, so sorry, no pics-- we noticed a sign across the street (right across the street-- direct line from the front door) for "Dew Drop Park". We've lived in Orlando for a month and a half now, but our first reaction was still something like nonchalance. Meh. A park. In the middle of a suburban neighborhood. Probably cute, a few swings, no big deal.

You'd think we'd have learned by now.

We trudged over and Oh My. What a jewel of a park! A lake! Tennis courts! Volleyball court! TWO full-sized playgrounds! Pavillions! Clean bathrooms! Wow. Orlando is the city of parks, that's for sure. They're everywhere, and they're beautiful.

So now I feel like, despite the general blah of this house, I can't quite cross that park off our list. And, as you can see from pics above, it is pretty blah. No extra perks. No backyard-- pool takes up the whole thing. It does have a grapefruit tree on the side, and the curb appeal is pretty good. I love the wrought iron. But the inside is just... you know. Blah. And it's a little pricey.

So it's technically still on the list, but... I guess I just don't see it working out for us. We'll see.


Gramoni said...

Is it really as spacious as it looks? I think it is far from blah--not that the tropical style appeals to me, but it IS a style, and the house seems to hold to it fairly consistently. Looks like it doesn't take much fixing. That's a plus...even though you'd have to deny your poor puppy instinct.

Melissa Neece said...

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