Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Making new friends

What a wonderful morning we had! We went back to Downey Park, which was a blast last time, but this time we went with FRIENDS! Friends of all the right ages!! Plenty for Sofi and Judah both to enjoy. It was so refreshing to spend time talking to other moms and playing with their babies and sharing stories and tips. I really do feel like things are settling in at last. Good thing, too, if last night's and this morning's ctx are any indication... :P

I am a little concerned about Judah still, though. Have any of y'all moved with a child around Judah's age before? He seems to have become very shy and withdrawn in crowds these days. My memories of him from Va are of a happy-go-lucky child, content to pal around with whoever is nearby, not afraid of strangers and rarely moody. But today, for example, he spent a large part of the time on the very outskirts of the group, quietly picking up fistfuls of sand and watching them dissolve in the current. He swam, too, but wouldn't talk or interact with any of the other kids.

Towards the end, I got him interested in helping me and Martha (2) build sandcastles and that seemed to cheer him up a lot. He talked to her a little and they energetically stomped the castles down together. He seemed to enjoy her company-- she doesn't talk much and seems a quiet, gentle little one.

Perhaps it was just her quiet spirit, or perhaps some Middle Child Deep called to Middle Child Deep, but when we were leaving he leaned his head over on my shoulder and said, "Mom, there's lots of people. Too many people-- I don't know them."

"Yes, but we're getting to know them, they will be our new friends."

"I think Martha is my new friend now."

Thank the Lord for new friends!


Becky said...

That is precious! You can really see Judah's heart in that statement. I love reading your blog. It is so real and yet humorous. You give me a good taste of what I want my blog to look like - even if no one ever reads it but me. :)

Becky Scheel

Herb of Grace said...

Becky, you have a blog??? How have you not shared this with me??? I know you've been secretly reading FOREVER. Spill the beans. Where's the blog???

The Nolls said...

aaaawwwweee! Martha really loved that time with Judah too. I totally relate to the whole Middle Child Deep thing. Especially with all these kids living in our house, she has become even more of a "happy to be playing all alone" kid and it kinda makes me sad. She's also developed a stutter :( So that was special for her to have that today, AND to have your attention with helping them.
Lets do this again soon! That was way too much fun to not repeat :)

and BECKY, please share the bloggy with your friends. You can't allude to it and not share where we can find it! :)

Polly said...

This Middle Child Deep knows exactly how Judah feels. I am rejoicing in a direct answer to prayer--I was pleading with the Father as I drove home yesterday to send you guys some GOOD FRIENDS that day. He is taking care of you!!

Hank said...

He does, doesn't He!!!
Judah is pretty cute! ; ) I am looking forward to seeing everybody