Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Two More Houses

We saw four houses tonight, but these were the only two that didn't get crossed of the list right away. I'm linking to the Photobucket album, is you want to see the pics and video I took, but in summary (for those of you with dial-up--- Mom):

Monticello Dr:

This one is my favorite. Matter of fact, it's bumped up to the top of my list-- all time. I like the wood trim, the extra room, the KITCHEN (omg. the KITCHEN-- and the cabinets!! Cabinets out the wazoo AND a PANTRY), the fireplace in the dining room, the stained glass windows in the "study" and beside the front door. Another feature that I didn't photograph; there's a very small bdr, kinda hidden away on the other side of the master bath. So you walk through the MBR and the MBTH and then there's a sliding door to a bdr, about 9X9ft (5 "bdrs" total-- although one would be used as an office/guest room). Perfect for a baby's room! Also, there's tons of space around the pool (a safety issue for me-- I don't like the feeling that you walk out the back door and fall linto the pool, as we've seen in several houses so far) and plenty of room for gardening! Love the shutters and the brick pillars in the front.

Cons: No outside entrance to a bathroom (means wet swimsuits traipsing daily through the house to the bathroom), no appliances (not too big a deal), no pool screen-- bummer.

North Cypress Way:

This is J's favorite. :) You can probably all tell why. He's the realistic one that looks at a house like this and says, "What?? It's in perfect condition, we could move in tomorrow, it's in our price range and the pool is SCREENED IN!! What more could you want???" And I grant you, it's truly lovely. And I'm a fool for preferring one that needs a little TLC. BUT. I can't help myself. I think it's a family curse. I want a house with character-- brick and hardwood and stained glass, you know? This one has brand-new tile, laminate (*gags*) and a HOT TUB. Right outside the MBR :D The kitchen has brand-new modern appliances and a built in desk, granite counter tops and a wet-bar in the living room. There is a truly SJP-worthy walk-in closet in the MBR and spotless paint on the walls.

But it's also $20K more than the other one. And it doesn't have a brick surround in the kitchen. Or stained glass windows. Or much room in the back yard.


Ok. Opinions, people. I need opinions!!!!!!! Fire away!


Matt and Laurie Beardsley said...

Man, I have enough comments for a real-live conversation. Let's talk on Wednesday (today for you...tomorrow for me ;-) .

Briefly though, I think you need to find a little middle ground if it's possible. First of all, it's not a bad idea to pick out something that is a little more "move-in ready" especially since your bad is kind of forcing you to. Just because someone has put in some laminate and granite counter tops, doesn't mean you can't fix up and personalize it in your own way and your own time. AND that way if you don't get to things before you move, then they will already be nice and not "awaiting a fix-up". You know...rennovations are expensive, and as much as we'd like to do them, the money and time aren't always there.

That said, it doesn't look like there is quite enough room in the second house... I love love LOVE the idea of a teeny baby room off of the master bedroom. The second house kitchen is stunning though. really. and why do we not have pictures of this master closet???

There. Chew on that for a while. ;-)

Matt and Laurie Beardsley said...

since your BANK is forcing you to. Not your bad. your BANKS ;-) hehehe

Brooke Chao said...

I like the 2nd house better. The brick's great, but like Matt and Laurie said, you may find yourself in a position where you can't do the renovations you want on a TLC house. There's something to be said for Move In Ready - especially with a new baby. {{HUG}}

Hosanna said...

My favorite thing about both houses is that they have closets. *sigh*
And.... I am not sure how I would feel about the brick in the kitchen in the first house. Brick just seems like it would be nasty and dirty all the time, for a kitchen. Blek.

Herb of Grace said...

Oo, Laurie, glad you said something! One of the vids (which included the master suite) didn't upload properly. I fixed it now, I think. You can see the closet a little, but it was too dark to really give you a tour.

Jenny said...

I won't choose, but I will say that I'd lean towards more MIR especially since you're going to have a baby and J's going back to school soon. Neither one of you are going to be in a position to be wanting to work on the house for some time, I would think!
One comment, I love the view of the pool from the kitchen in the second house! Maybe others have that, too, but in that one it was beautifully obvious from the vid:) It would be a real plus to be able to watch the kids (and the kids friends!) while you're working in the kitchen!

Susannah Forshey said...

I vote 1000% for the second one. This is SOO not the time of life for home improvements for you. Plus, the kitchen in that second one is TO DIE FOR. The openness and air-iness is soooo lovely. You couldn't do something that nice, that open in an older home that needed TLC. You can only get that open-feel in a more modern construction. I think....if you move into a home that requires more love (a coat of paint and some chair rails here and there) than "tough love" (as in, ripping up flooring and replacing plumbing) you'll love it more--and sooner. Especially when in the very near future what you'll really be craving is just a peaceful environment to welcome Baby Jamie into. Believe me...I'm telling you from experience.

Lauren Valentine said...

I'm with J on this one Elisa, sorry. And once you're settled into a new normal with Jamie and ready for projects...there are always a lot of sewing/crafting projects to keep you busy. Cause Sofi keeps growing and people keep having kids right?? So you can just pour all that home renovation energy into other things. :)