Monday, July 6, 2009

My first blog Award!!

My dear friend, Hos, over at Happily ever After, selected me for the Honest Scrap Award at her horsey blog, All the Pretty Little Horses. Thanks Hos!! It's very exciting :)

So, now I have to tell you 10 things about myself that you might now know, and then pass on the award to 10 other bloggers :)

1) It's sad, but true, I just spent ten minutes searching back through the links of people who given and received this award, and I STILL can't figure out what "Honest Scrap" means. I must be blog-award-title-challenged.

2) It's also sad, but also true, that I don't even care that I don't know what it means, I'm so thrilled to get my first blog award that I'll put it up and pass it on anyways!!

3) I have a blog-inferiority complex. I really do. I'm convinced that only people who are related to me or have to face me on a regular basis and answer the question "So, did you read my blog this week?" are reading at all. Much less regularly.

4) Sometimes I dream at night that my blog gets discovered and I go from nothing to a million hits a day over night and Dooce emails me to ask for my autograph.

5) Obviously. This is never going to happen.

6) Sad but true, yet again, I will never stop dreaming this. This is because somewhere along the way, my personality missed the message that I am a confident, individualistic, natural leader oldest child, and instead switched to attention-craving, insecure-but-faking-it, do-anything-for-a-laugh second-born or possibly-youngest mode. I think my sister stole my birthright at some point.

7) This blog-inferiority thing is sooo bad that I'm almost embarrassed to pass on a blog award to ten other bloggers, because I just know they've all got better things to do than accept an award from me...

8) Last week, I got so bored a painted my finger nails (which I never do, because...) now I have not had time to re-do them and you can just imagine what they look like now. Yes. Not at all like the hands of a mature, 30-year-old professional and mother of two.

9) My hands look like the hands of a nervous attention-craving, insecure-but-faking-it, do-anything-for-a-laugh second-born or possibly-youngest and likely only about eight-year-old.

10) I don't really care that much.

Maybe there is some of that oldest child in there after all....

I would now like to pass on the Honest Scrap Award to a sampling of my favorite blogs (this is not an exhaustive list, by any means):

Mama Kat: Because one of these days I'm actually going to enter her Writer's Workshop. And because she's FUNNY.

Stand and Deliver: This is my go-to blog for natural childbirth info and resources. This woman is a genius.

Better in Bulk: Oh the pictures... the lovely, lovely pictures....

Ordinary Days: Because the Hot Mama Revolution is a wonderful idea and has saved my sanity on more than one occasion.

The Monkeys and Me: Oh geez... the pictures, the Tot Talk Tuesdays, the cute kids, the homebirths, the insightful posts... It's all good.

Mom by Faith: Because I love her honest and God-fearing posts and she follows my blog! See? It pays off, people...

Keyboard Revolutionary: because she's a kindred spirit when it comes to natural childbirth AND she's a blogger I've actually met IRL AFTER I started reading her blog.

Fullness of Joy: because I owe her for years of friendship and lots of babysitting

Our Little Valentine: because her son is aaaalmost as cute as mine ;)

Toddled Dredge: because she's read "Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell" and occasionally rants about people who don't train their kids to behave :)

Each of you can now swipe that cool graphic over there, put it on your blog and pass it on to your top ten blogger friends. I may have skipped a few deserving blogs. Let me know if you think I have...


Lauren Valentine said...

Yea, congrats on the award and thanks for passing it on! I will definitely not get to pass ti on for a little while since our NEW NEW abode is not yet set up with internet access (that's the hubby's big and important job today). And when it is set up I have to do things like...change my address on all bills, unpack, hang things on the walls, clean the old apartment...and hopefully sleep sometime in there. I do appreciate it and will (one day before too too long) pass it on.

Hosanna said...

Yippe, Lis! do you know, I couldn't figure out what the award was for either. Not a clue. But who am I to resist an award, especially when I've been doing blogging like two weeks?! Yeah.

Jill said...

Thank you! I actually got this award forever ago and it's so funny that it's come full circle back to me again. :D Even though no one I gave it to passed it on! I never did post it on my blog though so now I will!

Dawn Farias said...

Congrats on the award. I laughed at your post - feel validated?

A friend passed this award to me recently and my husband and I can't get over that if you say it real fast it sounds like Honest Crap. He keeps asking me if it is an award or a put-down. I'll take it either way.

Shaye said...

LOL Your list was hilarious! I totally understand the inferiority complex. I received an award recently and haven't yet posted about it because WHO AM I to be handing out an award, right? Plus, a lot of the blogs I read regularly are by people who don't dig awards or even care that they exist--which I understand, but still get a kick out of being noticed at all these days. I never got into popularity contests either.

Anyway, love your blog and am so glad I "met" you through Niecey's blog and Tot Talk Tuesdays. That's such a fun meme!!!


Mama Kat said...

I have blog inferiority complex too...I refuse to read those big name blogs because I get jealous. Waaa for us right?

Oh well...last I looked Dooce was earning any SCRAP AWARDS!!! Woo hoo for you and me. Thanks sister!