Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Today the Mailman is my friend

Looky what he bringed me!!

The fabric for my porch swing:


My favorite magazine:


The girly movie J owes me ;) Tomorrow is Stayte Night, yay!!


And while the mailman didn't bring this, there really wasn't any other place to stick this information, so here. Our onion crop is in!! Over ten pounds of vidalias! Glory be!! I am sooo stinkin' proud of myself.



Tabitha said...

Very fun! I'm ready for Mr. Mailman to bring me somethin' special too ... guess I should order those special somethin's or I'll be waiting a long time! :) Enjoy!!

Rebecca said...

Hm...I think you've put me in the mood for a good girly movie - and trust me, it is rare that I'm in that mood (I'd usually rather have a good mystery or something). Let me know how that one is, would you?

Hosanna said...

SIGH - I just love getting cool stuff in the mail! I don't get anything good in the mail these days. I ordered 2 cool subscriptions and they haven't started yet. Last week I got a book I ordered, though: "Mary Jane's Stitching Room", by Mary Jane Butters. (LOVE her stuff.)
Since then it's just been bills, junk mail, and, well- bills and junk mail. :(