Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Tot Talk Tuesday

Judah, on ice cream:

"Mama, pease Ah havinuver bite in mah mouf?"

Judah, on fish, pork and beef;

"Pease Ah have some more chickin?"

I'm with Niecey, I gotta get a notebook, this stuff just doesn't stick in my head! But for now I'm gonna go check out all the other cute stuff kids are saying!


Denise said...

You should notebook it! There have been SO many cute things Katrina has said.

Kathie said...

Yes, a notebook does help (when one remembers to use it!). I've started writing down things I am remembering from the past, as I read everyone else's tot talks. That way I can pull one from history if I need to!

Niecey said...

I'm thinking of sticking up a whiteboard on the fridge, scribbling them on it and then recording them in the TTTs.

What is it with ice cream? My kids just go gaga for it. We all scream for ice cream hehe.