Friday, June 26, 2009

A super-fun new thing!

I have MADE something again! And you get to hear all about how I made it! Lucky you!!

I found this tutorial during a late-night web-surfing session some little while ago and recently pulled it out of the black hole that is my bookmarks folder and dusted it off and gave it a try. It was fantastic! I took this:


An old shirt of mine from high school (yes I know, should have tossed it out years ago, buit what can I say? I like the fabric...)

And turned it into this:


A little wrinkled from lots of wear in the last two days :)

I modified the sleeves from the original tutorial because I wanted to keep all this delicious edging:


You can go here to find that modification.

Isn't it cool how the front


Becomes the back?


Let me tell you, coming from someone who loves buttons and hates to make buttonholes, this trick will make your life sooo much easier! And look! All that cute edging is there with no effort on my part! Is that cool or what??


Tiffany Walensky said...

Wow, love it!

Jenny said...

THAT is SOOOO COOL! I just may have to hit the Good Will and try it. I don't keep any of my old clothes that long;)

Niecey said...

I can't sew, I'm so bad at it. This is awesome though! Nice work!

Hosanna said...

I just LOVE re-fashion!! Very Cool! I have GOT to learn to use a sewing machine, not just needle and thread.

Hosanna said...

Lisi! I picked YOU for a Honest Scrap Award! Check it out:

Denise said...

Love,love, love this! So cute! You are amazing!

Tabitha said...

Very cute!! I'll have to try my hand that sometime soon!