Saturday, June 13, 2009

A spectacularly boring post to put you to sleep on a Saturday night, which could be nice, so go ahead, read it...

Notice how my attention has seemed to wander from my dear old blog the last few days? Fear not! I have not forgotten you, gentle readers, nor do I neglect you! It's just that Jeremiah's laptop died and he, laptopless (which sounds slightly risque, but isn't), has commandeered our faithful PC, leaving my with my creakingly archaic (and slooooow) latop and no photo editor. He assures me that his new laptop will arrive safe and sound on Monday and I can have my PC and my Photoshop back. Just in time to do some cool new things with my photos!! Just wait, it's gonna be awwwwwsome!

Cute story:

Judah, while carrying around a play phone, "I gonna call Gwammy. *pause* Gwammy? I gotta booooguh ih my nose!"

See y'all Monday night, if the USPS doesn't fail us!


Niecey said...

Ugh. I hate having to use dinosaur computers with no photo editing stuff. I hope you get yours back soon.

Denise said...

Laptopless!!!! I've gotta remember to use that one again! And I'll just apologize ahead of time for the lack of commenting. Post-deployment get-aways always mean ZERO computer time as we try to make up for all the lost moments together!