Sunday, June 21, 2009

I may be a wee tad bit fickle

I know I was just claiming a new BFF the other day, but now.... I dunno... This lovely lady and her Etsy Shop, Blog and Playlist may be my very newest, bestest Internet BFF. Go ahead. Go check it out. There's nothing to see here today anyways....

I've been un-blogspired (oo look! I just made up another word!) around here these days. I need some quiet time in a cafe with wi-fi to recharge the muse. That's what we do to muses in the digital age. We recharge them. Bronte and Austen probably fed their muses with food celestial, but we recharge ours with caffeine and wi-fi. At least I do.

But today, instead of a quiet cafe and wi-fi, I have bored children and a messy house. The messy house is my fault, but the bored children is totally J's fault. He's at "guy's weekend" in Manassas for the weekend. Every five minutes I have to answer the following questions:

"Where's Daddy?"

Out at Mr S's house


He's having a fun weekend to visit his friends

"But why does he have to go sooo long??"

Well, his friends live far away. We visit our friends too, right? But our friends live close by so we have short visits. But Daddy's friends live far away so he has to take a longer visit.



Not that I begrudge him the time. I really don't. These are good friends from college, and I love it that we are all still in touch. It's great to have friends that we've known since we first got married. It keeps us grounded. Gives us perspective. And besides, J always comes back feeling bad for having left me over the weekend with the kids all by myself and it's good for a few shopping trips without the kids in the next week or so ;) And oh yeah, he owes me a girly movie, too since I watched this one with him the night before he left. So I've got a girly movie night and at least two trips out without the kids coming to me in the next week. I can handle a day or two with bored kids and a messy house.

Oh yeah, baby!


Susannah Forshey said...

Hehe. I noticed I started watching girly movies, too, when Ben left. :) I'm 2 down, 3 to go. The best so far has been "He's Just Not That Into You." VERY funny!

Hosanna said...

I thought you said blog "music players" were the bane of your life, when I put music on mine...... :)
I watch espionage movies when K is gone. He thinks long, drawn out spy thrillers and mysteries are dull.........Last weekend, for a girl's night out, Noelle and I went to see "Angels and Demons". Three solid hours of mysterious, treasure-hunting thrills; with coke and milk duds. Yeah. That's what I am talking about.

julie said...

Mmmm... coffee. Enjoy your girl time! Can't wait to see your "blogspired" posts! :)

Niecey said...

Well gosh, I don't even do well when Rene works late one night. I get u having him around to help with the bedtime routine and stuff. You're better wife than I, for sure.

Brandie said...

Thanks for mentioning my little blog. You're a sweetie:) I could use a girl's weekend. I am hoping to attend Farm Chicks next year but I could use something now! I am into period movies right now, "Elizabeth", "The Other Boleyn Girl", etc. Hope you enjoyed your weekend:)

Lauren Valentine said...

Hmm, I think I may see a babysitting swap in our near future...