Thursday, June 11, 2009

Land's End is my new BFF

So I posted on Facebook a little while back that I'd bought TWO Land's End bathing suits for $25. They arrived in the mail today.

*we pause momentarily for the joyful pealing of many bells*

... and contrary to the dire warnings of some people, they fit beautifully. And my word, people, when I say beautifully, I mean Beautifully. I think that when I slid into the first suit it shaved fiteen pounds off my hips and thighs. And the second suit took another ten off! This is an exciting trend, let me tell you!

Another thing I love... they feel like real clothes. You know how most bathing suits (ie; from Walmart or Tarjay) make ya feel kinda naked? Like they're see-through or something? Really thin and fragile? No? Just me? Am I the only one who fears that a hydrophobic toddler may be able to actually rend my garments from me while attempting to climb onto my head to get away from the "brrrr, cold, Mommy!!"?? Well then.

But these bathing suits don't feel like that. They feel Quality. Really! No one's paying me to say this. And the colors are so great, too. Vibrant and rich :) Color is important. And comfy, my word, yes! No tugging and slouching, no *ahem* digging around for straps and such-like. They stay put, right where I want them.

And as if that weren't enough! Remember I mentioned that they fit me? I ordered them, sight unseen off the internet, people, and they FIT ME. That has never happened to me before. Never. The reason they fit? These wonderful, wonderful people actually have a hotline to help you measure all the right places so you can get exactly the right inches converted to exactly the right size. And I want you to know that I measured up a perfect size four. What? You don't believe me?? You don't think I'd lie about something like that, do you??

And wait, there's more!!! (*squealing in pure excitement*) I have a coupon code! Whahoo! For free shipping!! Yaaaaay!. Here's the info:

Free shipping on any order.Enter the Promotion Code JUNE9 and pin 00002930

It worked for me :)

Now I've been looking at the kid's swimwear. We spend a lot of time at the pool in the summer so it would be worth it to me to find some nice stuff for Sofi and Judah. I bought mine on deep discount, so I might not be able to afford suits for both of them, but I found a few cute coverups for Sofi (yes, she needs them, trust me) here and here. They're on the Overstocks part of the site, so the prices are good, but the correct size isn't available. :( Too bad.

And just in case any Lands End reps are reading (you know, 'cause my readership is all that and a ball of wax!) if you send me some girl's size 8 or boys 2T swimwear I'll review it! And if you send more than one, I'll do a giveaway!! That's right, if any of you people have any clout over at Lands End, send them my name! And my blog URL :)


Jenny said...

Wow! If you wore both suits at the same time, you'd be skinny as a rail;) Sometimes it's really worth it to buy quality!

Life with Kaishon said...

I am glad you got a new suit : ). I mean 2 new suits. How exciting! Swimming suit shopping is the most dreaded thing ever!

Thanks for the picture comments. You made my day : )

Rachel said...

Wow. Just finding a swimsuit that fits is a miracle... unbelievable that you bought it without trying it on. Now that is just a GOD thing! :)

I need to go check them out!

Thanks for your sweet comment on our blog! Love to meet new friends!

Becca said...

wow 2 for 25!? I need to check them out for sure . . . I HAVE to get a new bathing suit for camp and I just am NOT having ANY luck . . . probably becuase bathing suit shopping is beyond depressing! online would be much better for sure . . . :-)

Hosanna said...

I have looked at the Land's End swimwear and am in love. Forget Tarjay and Old Navy. Thanks for the tip.

Debbie said...

I love their suits! They are the only ones I wear because they sell talls.

canningmama said...

I hadn't bought any new suits since Savannah was a baby and after losing a good 15 pounds over and above my original prebaby weight (yay!), I looked at Lands End and loved their suits too. I really wanted to get some, but I ended up buying a couple at Belk and J.C Penney that I'm satisfied with. I want to get some from Lands End one day though. Good to know that they have a great review from you!

Lainey said...

Lands End swimsuits are my all time favorites. Two bathing suits for $25 really a good deal.

Dawn Farias said...

Wow...$25..that is a steal! thanks for commenting on my blog. We share the same love!