Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Tot Talk Tuesday: Video Edition

It's that time of the week again! And here I am barely getting my post in before bed again :)

Pretty much everything Judah says these days is super cute, so here's a mini-video interview from about two weeks ago, for you viewing pleasure!

I love how he mixes up "popsicle" and "milkshake" and it comes out "motorsicle"

"I haa a moh-sicle on muh face"

And the way he's throwing the word "actually" into all his sentences these days;

"What kind of popsicle did you have, Judah?"

(and the way he kinda shakes his head sideways as he says...)

"Aksheellly pink"

Thanks again to Niecey for hosting!!


Dawn Farias said...

Love it when they start using big people words.

2Shaye ♪♫ said...

SWEEEEET! Remind me how old he is. What a little darling!

As soon as my daughter began picking up on bigger words, she'd throw them in everywhere. Cracked us UP! The 4 and 5 syllable words are bonus, of course. ;)

Denise said...

I LOVE the way he talks! This video makes me want to meet him in person, and just hug him so hard, he's sooooo cute!!!!!! I'm glad you captured this to treasure forever!

Rebecca said...

I love how he thinks before answering. Boy, with those big blue eyes and long lashes, he is such a cutie!