Saturday, March 20, 2010

Boys to Men

It's a beautiful Saturday morning here in the Shen Valley and I've been sitting in my living room watching Judah out the front window as he revels in the glorious sunshine and warmth. As I'm watching him, I'm reveling in the un-abashed Male-ness of the toddler boy. He runs around, brandishing his plastic sword and hollering; "I am STRONG! I am BRAVE! I will FIGHT and I will WIN! I will kill aaaaaall da Bad Guys!!"

I love it.

I will be sad when, as he grows, he begins to temper this Male-ness with an understanding of what society expects of him. The swagger will become a little hesitant. The bragging, more subtle and less pure. His drive to lead into battle will be scorned by sassy little girls in pigtails who will giggle at him behind his back. His confidence in his strength and bravery will be tested by real challenges and real fear. His ideas of bad guys and good guys will be shaken as he realizes that it's not always easy to tell-- the bad guy is sometimes the guy with the smile and the firm handshake and sometimes the good guy is in disguise.

But, please God, he'll continue to grow and mature. And by Grace, he'll learn to boast in Christ alone. He'll lead his family in the work of establishing the Body of Christ, and his community and church in rescuing the lost and hurting. His confidence will be in the strength of his convictions and his bravery based on an assurance of Grace. Dear God, purify him with fire and give him a strong heart and a clear conscience. Give him the wisdom to discern between the good and evil in this world.

Lord, make him like his Daddy...


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Polly said...

Lisi, I remember the night Judah was born, holding him for the first time, noticing how very straight and manly his nose was, and what a serious countenance he had--I had a vision of the man he would become, all wrapped up in this tiny delicate package. It's hard to explain, but I felt like I saw a glimpse of his spirit clear as a newborn, and now it's going through the natural process to really get worked out in his life the way God intends to shape I'm not making any sense...but I have a very strong attachment to my nephew and endless hope for his future, as well as enjoyment of every moment with him now. :)

Buckeroomama said...

"Lord, make him like his Daddy..."

I loved this. When I was pregnant with J, that was what I prayed for. :)