Saturday, March 27, 2010

Nobody knows who you aaaaare...

Sooo, the consignment sale has been a pretty good experience so far. At least for Judah, who purchased an EXTREMELY important wardrobe item.


Laurie B. said...

lol. Joey just watched that whole 2 minutes with me, without moving a muscle. And then when it was over.... "watch more? watch more?" Who knew 2 minutes of daddy and toddler going "oof, oof" could be so enthralling.

Get him spiderman!!

I wish these boys could play together. I think they would have the best time!

Lauren Valentine said...

Haha! Something like that just happened over here. I got Noah some spiderman pjs at the sale...we should put them both in their shirts, toss them in a ring and sell tickets! Pretty sure Judah would win since Noah's so used to letting Judah push him around;) (but it would be amusing!)