Monday, March 29, 2010

More potty talk

Despite all the stereotypes of boys who talk late and less and are not as articulate as their sisters, my son is a chatter. Oh my lands. Two of his favorite times to talk with Mommy are right after he wakes up from nap and... unfortunately, on the toilet.

"Ouch, Mama, ouchyouchyOUCH! That was a ouchy poopy! Mama, that was a ouchy TRIANGLE poopy!!!"

"Ooooh! Look, Mama, I made TWO poopies! Look! A big one and a yittle one. A big mommy poop and a little baby poop, see Mama?"

Sorry, but I just had to share those two :)


Lauren Valentine said...

Oh the things to look forward to!

Rebecca said...

Oh my gosh, too cute! Triangle...? Lol!

Jenny said...

Evie STILL does that! Any time she sees a big and a little something, it's always a mama and baby:) And usually on the potty, it's her screaming from the bathroom "I NEEEEEEEED YOU!". Geez, that kid has lungs!

prashant said...
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