Friday, March 5, 2010

Catching up a little

The Carpenters are on their way to Philadelphia today, to move into their tiny apartment and wait the arrival of Gwenyth. You could stop by their blog and wish them Godspeed! I'm planning a little surprise for them coming up here, so stay tuned :)

At what point do kids learn that bigger is not always better? Judah, to Sofi this morning while she was feeding him bites of his breakfast in an attempt to hustle him along; "No, it's not a too-big bite, see? My mouth is big! My mouth is really big! My face is big, too!"

There is still snow on the ground. In March. This is a travesty. For pete's sake, we're in the SOUTHEAST!! It's so cold, we've run out of firewood and all the people we usually buy from are sold-out! This is ridiculous and I'd like to lodge a formal complaint.

I don't know if any of y'all read this blog, but at least check out this one post (read the comments) and be encouraged (as I was) that there are GOOD DOCTORS out there, despite all the evidence to the contrary.

I am so bad about birthdays. I want to publicly confess that I STILL haven't finished my sister's b-day gift (Feb 24th) and my mom's b-day is in a few days and I haven't even gotten her a card yet! I am sooo bad. If your birthday is coming up any time this year, please accept in advance my apologies for completely missing it!

Speaking of birthdays....Judah's 3rd birthday is in just two months, people! How has this happened! How do I suddenly find myself the mother of two large children, instead of tiny babies??? I did not sign up for this...

Do any of you have any suggestions for getting dry erase marker dust (black) out of the cuffs and collar of a white dress shirt? I've already tried three different laundry stain removers and bleach. Nada. I'm seriously considering just making him wear navy blue, dark brown and black shirts from now on.


ViolinMama said...

I wish I had suggestions, especially as a former teacher who got those whiteboard marker stains too frequently!

Loved your update and love reading you!! Much love!

septembermom said...

Kids get BIG so fast. I look at my sons' feet and I'm amazed to think that they were so tiny once!

Myers said...

Hey the waiting room and thought I'd check in with you - see - I DO read your blog :) So a surprise eh?? Now you got me all curious - I can't even guess...

I'll glad you are posting about your latest big news so I can keep up with you and your latest cravings or other fun details.

Oh - and just wait, I have a great story about how our surgeon was in fact chosen for us - and we got the BEST. Wow. Answered prayers in the way this was is almost freaky! I'll post later.

-Laura (on Myers's computer)