Monday, March 15, 2010

Oh gosh.

I just realized that I never actually posted any details about the pregnancy :P Such as due date and other particulars. So here goes:

I have no idea. Seriously. Well, the fall sometime. What with the PCOS and all, my cycles are beYOND messed up and when we're not actively TTC I have no idea when we might have conceived. It's crazy. My best guess is that I'm about fourteen weeks right now.

We did hear a heartbeat-- praise the Lord! At around 12 weeks the midwife was able to pick it up quite easily with the doppler, which actually makes her speculate that I'm a bit further along than that.

We'll be getting an ultrasound in a couple weeks to find out the gender (which we may or may not tell you!) and get a better idea of the dates. (who am I kidding, you know I couldn't keep a secret like that for very long)

Someone asked... Denise? And the answer is, this is entirely the Lord. We were in no way expecting, looking for, or planning this pregnancy. When Judah was born, we made the decision not to ever actively TTC again. It was just too hard on our life. Marriage, Sofi, everything. It wasn't something we felt like God wanted us to do again. And, apparently, we were right! He simply reached down and whamo! Baby. Unbelievable. And a little scary.

I am starting now to feel almost confident. I say 'almost', because without feeling movement or really looking pregnant (I just look pudgy :) ), and without having gone through any of the tense months of waiting, watching and wanting, it feels reallyreally weird to be pregnant. Super weird. I keep thinking it will suddenly be revealed that it's all in my mind and I've really just put on some weight and that's that. But so far, it's real. And the heartbeat would be pretty hard to explain away :)

So. That's the story. Any other questions? Ask away :)


Edith said...

I didn't know about the baby until 45 seconds ago! Congratulations. Really great news. Keep well!

Denise said...

You know, it's really so.... strange, wonderful, comforting, scary... all those things. the way God works is so beyond my understanding. I'm so grateful you heard a heartbeat and that this pregnancy was a surprise. I am so excited, in my heart, for you. I cannot even imagine how I'd feel to be surprised like this. But it certain must give you no doubt that your plans were changed by Him who ordains them.

Again, praying for baby Forshey every day... I feel a so attached to this little one's developing and I can't even explain!!!